Graduate Collection – It’s like a jungle out there

This Wallpaper Collection showcases some of the most exciting designers to emerge fresh from the UK art colleges

The Graduate Collection - Toucans in tree
Toucan play...

Proving things can be both beautiful and clever, the majority of designs that make up the Graduate Collection are based on the theme of beautiful animals set cleverly within their imagined habitat. 

Going beyond the idea of camouflage, these animals treat their surroundings as something to celebrate their existence, rather than a thing to hide behind, or blend into.

The Graduate Collection - Leopard Luxe Sofa Roomset
Luxuriate with leopards
The Graduate Collection - Leopard Luxe pattern
Leopard Luxe - more than 'just' a pretty pattern

Whether these creatures be lurking among jungle leaves; a leafy damask motif; or placed boldly in a steampunk collage; maybe humorously as the subject of a Renaissance portrait depicted in oils.

Whatever design you choose from The Graduate Collection you can be sure all of the animals featured are beautifully rendered.

The Graduate Collection - Steampunk collage
Animal nostalgia
The Graduate Collection - A gallery of cat portraits
A precursor to #Caturday
The Graduate Collection - Dachshund pattern
Dachshunds hide in plain sight

Of course, it has never been said that Dachshunds are good at camouflage, they are, however, wonderfully cute and very good at raising a smile.

And smile you will at the playfulness of these designs. The artistry, for as the saying goes, the only limit to creativity is the designers’ imagination. And these graduates have both style and imagination by the bucketload…

The Graduate Collection – imagine these beautiful and clever wallpapers on your walls…

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