Metallic copper wallpaper means never having to say you’re out of fashion.

Thoroughly modern metal

In the seventies (so they tell me 🙂 no British holiday was complete without a visit to “Ye Olde Copper Kettle” for tea and buns between the showers. As old-fashioned as in their name, copper kettles (along with horse brasses) came to epitomise the very opposite of good taste, and homeowners everywhere turned to formica, stainless steel and Ercol teak. Forty-odd years on and copper (like this achingly lovely Bredemeijer Copper Kettle from Borough Kitchen) has been rehabilitated and is our darling once again. kettle.jpg Today, no self-respecting interior scheme will be considered complete without at least a smattering of lustrous, warm, inviting copper, and copper wallpaper takes that to another level. Order yourself a sample or two (even wallpaperdirect doesn’t do these lovely metallics justice) and plan some shiny new walls. Block from Erica Wakerley boldly mixes copper, black and grey to bring power dressing to your walls! images_01.jpg Erica’s Hothouse (also from her Capsule Copper collection) is a more delicate affair weaving wild copper leaves over pure white. images_03.jpg Hexa by Zoffany takes different tack, using metallic-look vinyl to produce copper with more of a sheen than a shine, making it more liveable in a wider range of spaces. images_05.jpg And Oxidise by Anthology delivers a bold, photo real rust effect. Although it’s not strictly copper, we love its rusty red warmth. images_07.jpg If you haven’t already, it’s time put a little copper in your life. And why mess about with pots and pans when you can have a wall full?

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