Gorgeous classic children’s illustrations in a new exhibition by Judith Kerr.

Cats, kids and Judith Kerr

One of the best things about having children was bed time stories, and one of my children’s very favourite stories was The Tiger Who Came to Tea, written and illustrated by by Judith Kerr. It’s one of the best selling children’s books of all time. Untitled-1_01.jpg A little girl called Sophie and her mummy have just sat down at the kitchen table when an unexpected knock at the door announces the arrival of a big, smiling, stripy tiger who invites himself for tea. Before Sophie and her mum realise what’s happening, the tiger scoffs everything in the kitchen, and drinks all the water in the taps, leaving a mildly bewildered Sophie and her mum with no tea, and no water for a bath. Order is restored when daddy comes home and takes them all out for tea at a café. The story is a lovely mix of slightly out of control and comfortably reassuring, and the illustrations match that perfectly. Judith Kerr and her Jewish family escaped Nazi Germany (where her father’s books were being burnt) just before World War II, eventually moving to London where Judith has lived ever since, and where she wrote Tiger and her series of Mog books about a much smaller cat. Untitled-1_03.jpgUntitled-1_04.jpg Judith’s gorgeous illustrations are on display at a fantastic, interactive exhibition at the Jewish Museum near Camden Town from 29th June – 14th October 2015. It’s a fun-filled interactive experience for the kids, just round the corner from Regent’s Park Zoo where thankfully, you can’t see tigers any more.
And of course, we have our own lovely selection of illustrated wallpapers that will introduce magical stories to your children’s rooms. Here’s a couple of our favourites from Anna French and Hibou Home:

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