Tile wallpapers bring classic tiling to your walls. No getting grouchy about grouting!

Tiles without tears

Wallpaper wonders #1

With Summer visits to the Med tantalisingly close, our thoughts turn South, looking forward to contrasting afternoons of soaring seaside temperatures and blissful indoor respite in the cool embrace of the villa’s marble floors and tiled walls.

Elegant and exciting tiles grace floors and dado panels from Portugal to Turkey, with everything from traditional indigo on white folk designs around the Algarve, to marvellous marbles in Venice, to complex, exciting geometric Islamic patterns of the Alhambra in Grenada and the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Tiles look fantastic, but they’re a faff to put up. Hmmm… Tile effect wallpaper on the other hand, will cover your walls instantly with hundreds of tiles at a time. No grouting to make you grouchy, cool looking tiles that are warm to the touch, and you don’t feel like you have to wait years to change them, because you can quickly hang new wallpaper rather than spend days hacking away at tiles with a chisel!

Traditional tile wallpapers

Our showcase of tile wallpapers begins with four traditionally styled patterns. Happy from eco marries crisp linework with square tiles of interwoven diamonds and circles with leaves and flowers in a palette of sky blues and navy.


Azulejos by Christian Lacroix is a monochrome azure tile design with a floral motif framed in an elaborate lattice.


Cole & Son’s Piccadilly has the feel of Fortnum’s with its rich indigo base, intertwined linework and delicate white accents.


And Gothic by Albany mixes three complementary tile motifs in gentle traditional blues on white.


So real you can touch them

Paper Moon’s Coordonne Tile wallpaper collection features faithfully detailed digital reproductions of real, weathered geometric tiles, inspired by flamboyant Spanish architecture and design including the work of Gaudi.

DamascusCelosia and Essaouira offer arabic tile patterns at the more sedate end of the spectrum.




Alhambra wonders

The most flamboyant tile papers in the Coordonne collection borrow directly from the bold, bright intricate Islamic patterns of walls of the Alhambra Palace. Flamenco and Alandalus are delicately detailed. Solera Chess and Zig Zag feature detailed distressed realism in simple squares and rectangles.





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