A new range of Japanese inspired wallpapers from Farrow & Ball

Turning Japanese – Farrow & Ball style

The craftsmen at Farrow & Ball (better known for their lovely, whimsically named paints) have embraced the shibori trend and launched four Japanese inspired wallpapers. And each paper has a Japanese name with a meaning… Aranami (raging waves) is based on a painstakingly crafted paper cut design to create a detailed, flowing pattern. japanese_08.jpg Yukutori (birds flying away in a group) features soft silhouetted birds floating across the paper in a delicate pattern. japanese_02.jpg Amime (and yes – there really is a Japanese word for ‘the space between netting’) is a textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets. japanese_04.jpg Shochikubai is the most distinctively Oriental design, featuring flowers, bamboo and trees in hexagonal frames. japanese_06.jpg All Farrow & Ball wallpapers are made using their paints (every F&B paint in every finish, plus a free colour card here) making them beautifully tactile. The new Japan-inspired designs are block printed using traditional techniques. So what made Farrow & Ball turn to Japanese designs? Farrow & Ball Marketing Director, Sarah Cole says: Our creative team always look at long-term trends in design and this time we saw a resurgence of the age-old fascination with Oriental design, and Japan in particular. Japanese craftsmanship is absolutely key to these designs and it really complements our own handcrafted approach to wallpaper. The designs have the very soft, organic feel that people are looking for to escape the flat screens so often confronted with in modern life. Couldn’t have put it better myself. But… dear reader, are you really sure you want to escape your own flat (computer) screen before you’ve seen Farrow & Ball’s Japanese designs on wallpaperdirect?

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