The A level results are in, and the kids will soon be off…

Flying the nest

The A-Level results are out, and all over the country big plans are being hatched… Some will be off to the hallowed corridors of university, some straight to the coalface of work, and others will be indulging in a year out (we can dream…) To equip our little beauties for the big bad world out there, we’ve filled our wallpaperdirect backpacks with a lovely parcel of emergency wallpaper supplies we think might help them on their way.


A little ambitious perhaps, but Mr Perswall has a recipe for kitchen success with their Bread Talk mural. 14th_01.jpg We’ll throw in all the utensils they’ll need with an Airfix Kitchen from the Graduate Collection… 14th_05.jpg …and Mini Moderns Six of One to keep them self-sufficient in easy to cook omelettes. 14th_03.jpg


Cooking will help our newly independent offspring keep the wolf from their unfamiliar new doors, as will this Little Red mural by Paper Moon. 14th_07.jpg There will be adventures around every corner with whole new towns to explore. That of course is if they venture out from the comfort of their rooms and the joys of the virtual world in Galerie’s City Game. 14th_09.jpg Most big towns work the same kind of way. Graduate Collection’s Airfix London will give them a comprehensive kit of parts for living for the city. 14th_11.jpg And for those with a wanderlust, Linwood’s Mind the Gap will let them plan a route to wherever they can dream of. 14th_13.jpg


Of course if you’re going to get ahead, you need to get your head into some serious reading. Mr Perswall’s Literature mural will probably be about as tidy as their own reading list. 14th_15.jpg All that serious reading will of course expand their brains to a huge size, just like this one, again by Mr Perswall 14th_17.jpg Of course, reading’s a joy as well as a labour of love. This classic Penguin Library from Osborne & Little will inspire adventures into the classics that will entertain them into the wee small hours. 14th_19.jpg


Of course, while we might like to think they’ll be reading into those wee small hours, chances are they’ll have some serious clubbing to do. Cole & Son’s Labyrinth will get them visually stimulated before those many amusing nights of wit and conversation (or pounding drum ‘n’ bass). 14th_21.jpg Ditto Mini Modern’s P-L-U-T-O which would effortlessly grace the walls of any D-I-S-C-O. 14th_23.jpg


While they’re leaving their nearest and dearest old friends behind, they can indulge in nostalgia, taking their favourite shared playlists with them in Mini Modern’s C60 14th_27.jpg They’ll make new friends wherever they go, who look like they look, and think like they think. Thibaut’s Cheetah will inspire the spirit of friendship. 14th_25.jpg


And if by some slim chance they get a minute to themselves (to think about somebody other than themselves) and they remember their lovely mum (and not just for doing the washing)… you never know, you might even receive the odd post card from their travels. Or an email? Or maybe a text? Please? xxx 14th_29.jpg

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