A wd Layla Faye vintage makeover for a none to classy caravan

Vintage van fan club

Dr Who’s Tardis is famously hundreds of times bigger on the inside that it looks on the outside, as any of its many fans will tell you at great length… It was also designed to travel through time (wake up at the back, there’s a point to this…) Much like Dr Who, the lovely Caro from the Twinkle Diaries has called on other worldly powers to take the interior of a very ordinary caravan back through time to the middle of the last century, turning it into something that’s unobtrusively plain on the outside and uncannily drop dead gorgeous inside. Caro chose Daisy Chain Small from Layla Faye lashings of white paint and retro classic polka dots to conjour a bright and cheery feel to what once was cramped and creaky wood panelling.






LaylaCaravan2_03.jpg LaylaCaravan2_09.jpg LaylaCaravan2_07.jpg LaylaCaravan2_11.jpg Thanks, Caro. At last, a Dr Who for girls.

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