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Tropical, jungle vibes are an ever-popular trend, bringing the outside in – because life is always better with some sunshine! The summer months may not last, but there’s always an opportunity to preserve that hot holiday feeling year-round through your interior design choices. This collection features an array of blooming florals, wild animals, luxurious textures and much more. Bring a striking tropical paradise to your walls with the Amazon collection.

Above: Papillon

One of the most obvious places to start with any theme is by introducing a motif that instantly reflects the kind of vibe and look you want – and this butterfly inspired design is full of rich life.
Patterns with rich greens combine especially well with brass and copper tones, so keep this in mind when choosing lights, accessories and other details to complete that feeling of luxury.

Above: Antigua

Named after a tropical Caribbean island, this wallpaper creates vibrant, welcoming spaces that give an immersive tropical feeling. Styled perfectly here with clean, cool whites – think luxury beach-side living and sun-bleached textiles and you will perfect this look.

Above: Sarasota

Sarasota Jungle Gardens has been delighting visitors since 1939. It is an old Florida zoological garden where you can walk among and hand-feed a flock of free roaming flamingos, pose with a parrot, hold an alligator, see crocodiles, lemurs and many other rescued animals, all set among beautiful gardens. What a perfect spot to dream of holidays whilst cracking on with the reality of a working day!

Above:  Passiflora

The fantastic exotic looking flowers on this evergreen climber are great for covering walls outside in your garden – and this wallpaper will do the same job indoors! This beautifully illustrative design is set on a contemporary lustre background.

Houseplants always have a way of bringing floral decor to life, especially when placed against the wall and with several at different height levels.

Above: Maasai Mural

Fill your interior with this show-stopping, grand and playful mural design. Featuring a mirrored pattern effect with giraffe, monkeys and growing jungle plants. Every element has been designed with the placement of furniture in mind – see how the tigers peer just above the sofa height and the azure blue sky grows from the design, allowing for varying ceiling heights.

The mural consists of 5 x 2.8m panels.

Above:  Tropique

A delicate interpretation of the tropical trend, this wallpaper has a beautifully painted design of tropical flowers and birds of paradise set on a shimmering lustre ground. Touches of gold around a room add depth and a sense of richness. Think about incorporating gold into your space with picture frames, plant pots or antique gold coloured lights for some luxurious highlights.

Above: Tiki

Starting in California in the 1930s and then spreading around the world, Tiki culture was inspired by the appeal of an idealized South Pacific, as viewed through the experiences of those who had visited such areas and sentimental Hollywood films. It focused on beautiful scenery, forbidden love and the potential for danger. 

This elegant wallpaper is a great backdrop for velvet furniture, cushions and throws. Dark painted woodwork always makes ochre coloured walls look smart.

Above: Lemur

This wonderfully charming design has a playful quality, making it the perfect welcoming backdrop for entrances and hallways. Available in a variety of colourways and shown here in rose gold. 

Above: Koy

Capture the serenity of the aquatic with this painterly wallpaper, as delicately painted Koi fish weave amongst flowering lily pads and swim across its surface. 
Jungle theme interiors are often associated with a ‘more is more’ approach to decorating, but this wallpaper would be ideal in a minimalist setting with its calming flow and quiet beauty.

Above:  Sierra Mural

Sierra clouds are created when  winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California are forced to rise, causing water vapour to condense as it cools and forming spectacular lenticular clouds on the leeward side of the mountain range. These clouds can remain stationary for many hours. This mural wallpaper provides a spectacular interpretation of this vista and consists of 4 x 2.8m long repeatable panels.

We hope you enjoy discovering Albany Amazon through our wallpaper book club. Be sure to explore more wallpaper books as we add them and let us know what you think of this one  – and what you’d like to see more of!

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