Wallpaper Book Club is delighted to share with you an exciting collection of uplifting wallpaper designs.

Albany Fantasy is a collection of glowing designs inspired by a dream world. From beautiful tropics to fantasy creatures and to scenes of hazy skies, choose your perfect whimsical backdrop.

Above:  Rivara

For a scheme that works year-round, try decorating with green and orange. Warm and vibrant, orange can add spice and sophistication, or a cosy mood to a contemporary scheme. Uplifting and joyful in darker months and zesty and vibrant in summer, this colour combination always adds an energising element to any space 

Above:  Zodiac

This romantic paper is perfect for a fantasy bedroom vibe. It features an alluring forest landscape scene with partially hidden signs of the zodiac – including representations of the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. 

Above: Abis

When decorating with a dominant mural wall, try bringing all furniture forward into the room. You might be surprised at how this actually creates an illusion of the space being larger, as the additional space around the perimeter widens the access. If you have any left over remnants, try framing them for artwork on the opposite wall.

Above: Ennedi

Bring a bold and contemporary geometric look to your walls featuring brush stroked overlapping shapes.

We love this enveloping navy and gold colourway which creates a sophisticated atmosphere and looks great with low level lighting.

Above: Amaira

We love this large stylised leaf design, which has a Bloomsbury Group influence and a contemporary folk leaning. It works perfectly with this modern craft styling and natural skirting and flooring.

Above:  Tundra

For a tried and tested style combination, pair dark greens with coral pinks. This natural colour pairing works well in a variety of settings and the key is to balance the colours appropriately, so one doesn’t overpower the other. The gold coloured accessories and velvet furnishing add a touch of glamour to this very smart looking space.

Above: Civita

Create the fantasy of year-round sunshine with this quirky architectural design based around a busy ancient city with a twist – featuring jungle animals peeking through doors and windows! We would love to see this wallpaper in a kitchen with dark coloured cabinetry and cleverly curated lighting.

Being a non-woven wallpaper it has the added bonus of being easy to hang as you simply paste the wall, to learn more watch our tutorial here.

Above:  Emiliana

This room creates a real sense of well-being, with it’s natural, muted colour pallete. Evoking the hues of sea and sky, grass and leaves…it is nature at it’s prettiest. This style is ideal for light-filled rooms and we would pair it with an off-white paintwork to complete the serene effect.

Above: Xanadu Mural

Fantasy scene murals are ideally suited to the wall behind the bed, transporting us to other-worldly dreamlands. We adore the pair of swans swimming in the stream and the canopy of vines which appear from the ceiling. Sweet dreams!

Above: Zari

We love seeing designs which mix a very traditional pattern with something quirky and new. This Zari wallpaper is a great example of this, where tropical animals have been placed amongst a classic floral arrangement. 

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