Jameela is part of a more sustainable range of wallcoverings offering greener production methods and a better, healthier environment for your home. Albany Jameela is 100% PVC-free meaning that it is produced without any PVC, softeners or plasticisers which can lead to odours or migration. 

Instead, the textured designs are created by using water-based ecofoam, glass beads or flock fibres, alongside water-based inks and coating systems. This reduces manufacturing emisssions whilst providing a higher level of healthy living in the home. Any waste ink is recycled.

All of these wallcoverings are FSC-certified, the gold standard in sustainable forest management.

This stunning collection is influenced by hand-woven textiles, painted ceramics and embellished patters from artisans and bazaar markets from across the globe.

Above:  Aoraki Bead

Named after the highest mountains and the longest glaciers in New Zealand, this wallpaper is inspired by the sky-scraping peaks. Sectioned into various parts, it replicates the many stages of the ever-changing skyline, from dusk to dawn the clouds shape the sky, forming efforlessly unique patterns. Aoraki is layered with luxury glass beads across the entire design augmenting the glistening, glacial theme.


Above: Khalili

Inspired by the history of Islamic art and architecture, this wallpaper design has taken inspiration from Middle Eastern bazaar markets to create a geometric pattern integrating graphic vase shapes. The soft weave texture covering Khalili is a clear tactile ink used to add an ingrained fabric effect. The ideal choice for dining spaces, sitting rooms and anywhere where good conversations happen.

Above:  Tora

Influenced by Chinese culture and symbolising bravery and strength, the tiger in this pattern has textured, sparkling details. Ornate scroll patterns lace the central mountain range which creates an ombred focal point framed by the powerful big cat. A canvas texture runs throughout the design giving a more delicate fabric appearance. Use this wallpaper to create impact and energise your space.

Above: Mirissa

Mirissa is a beautiful wallpaper imitating an embroidered scene, drawing inspiration from the serene beauty and nature of Japanese gardens. Featuring lilypad filled ponds, tall reeds and lush leafy trees, which are outlined in fine relief inks. This design is further enhanced with metallic highlights, with the colourways printed on fibrous mica or a matt velvet-like ground, bringing a sense of calm. Use on all four walls for a truly immersive atmosphere.


Above: Ozbek

This organic design has a distressed tactile surface layered on subtle metallic accents, adding a soft sheen to the design. It will catch the light beautifully as it moves around the room during the daytime and will provide a sumptuous glow if illuminated with table lamps in the evenings.

Above: Raffia

Evoking a serene scene and laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of swaying palms in a tropical breeze, Raffia has a tropical leaf design with a subtle raised grasscloth texture, adding depth and dimension to the room. To dress this room we would pair with natural textures and place large houseplants in decorative pots on the floor, smaller plants like succulents on staggered shelving, and hanging plants in macrame plant hangers, to add to the jungle vibe!


Above: Macrame

Etched metallic highlights stand out on deep rich hue grounds in this eye-catching, intertwined geometric design. Create a touch of Bohemian charm with warm, earthly colours and a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style. When putting together your boho style space, place an emphasis on organic elements and nature, mixing patterns, materials, and souvenirs from your travels.

Above: Horizon Bead

Horizon is a stunning wallpaper inspired by the tranquil beauty of low hazy morning skies over misty waters. Featuring metallic highlights which imitates the gentle sunlight reflecting on open water. The addition of layered glass beads adds a glistening and calming effect that captures how the broken light escapes through the atmospheric clouds. 

Above: Tahini Bead

A bold paisley design with a rich tapestry feel, Tahini Bead has a damask-inspired layout and contains a variety of patterns creating more intricate details. The continuous zigzag flurry of glass beads adds sparkle and luxury to the overall design, taking a traditional paisley print to a new level of modernisation.

Above:  Bambara

The perfect four-wall, smart background choice, Bambara has an all-over design mimicking the effect of grasscloth, in a monochrome colour palette with shimmering accents. A great choice for adding warmth, texture and interest and an ideal backdrop for any decorating style.

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