Wallpaper book club – Albany Minerals

At the wallpaperdirect Wallpaper Book Club we are excited to show you our Albany Minerals wallpaper collection.

A celebration of crystalline structures, rocks, fossilised ferns. These cool and understated patterns bring an air of sophistication to any room. Take a look with us, we’d love to know what you think of it.


This is a gorgeous textured design featuring a leaf like pattern with mica to add a beautiful shine. Place lighting close to the wall to accentuate this effect.

Bambara Leaf

Big palm leaves on a faux grasscloth background and highlighted with metallic elements, which catch the light beautifully. We love the impact of the jungle leaves, but if these are too much for you to put on all four walls then pair with Bambara in the same colour – you have four to choose from!


This faux grasscloth with mica highlights is the perfect companion to the Bambara Leaf wallpaper, but like all the designs in this collection, brings a cohesive look to any other Minerals wallpaper. Use it to link your rooms.


Summit is a textured small scale chevron design with an all over mica flash to add a gorgeous shine. 

What you can’t see on this flat shot is the subtle metallic highlights which really bring this wallpaper to life. Have a look at the film clip as the pages on this paper are turned. Three colourways available.


How gorgeous is this wallpaper? We love the marble trend which we’ve been seeing used in interiors recently. Think luxe, so try pairing marble with velvets and brass for an interior scheme that is all about sumptuous texture.


The beauty of this irridescent tile design is that it needn’t be confined to kitchens and bathrooms. It makes a stunning backdrop in hallways too. Softer and more tactile than a real tile, but with that pleasing regularity of repeated design.


Sakkara is a luxurious small scale cracked surface design. With its irregular geometric and pearlescent shimmer, that shines in any light, this wallpaper is really easy to live with whilst still making an impact.


This maze design finished with a metallic shine feels both cultivated and cool. Shown here in the darkest colourway, which is the most sophisticated and bold, would be perfect on all four walls in a small room, like a study or bathroom.

There are four other colourways of this design with more neutral tones.


Galena is a stunning large scale stripe design featuring a bold metallic strip on top of an all over textured triangle pattern.

Wide stripes liven up the walls with subtle layers of colour and texture and are another ‘go-anywhere’ choice.


This wallpaper combines the design elements of textural distressed plaster walls and perfectly soft neutrals. Combining these elements creates an unassuming backdrop and the perfect alternative to a plain wall.

We hope you enjoy discovering the Minerals wallpapers through our wallpaper book club. Be sure to explore more wallpaper books as we add them and let us know what you think of this one  – and what you’d like to see more of!

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