Wallpaper book club – Albany Shangri-La

At the wallpaperdirect Wallpaper Book Club we are excited to show you our Albany Shangri-La wallpaper collection.

A multi-themed collection of wallcoverings: jungle prints and geometric patterns, cute animal motifs and faux effects – there is something for every home in this bright, fun, colourful collection of wallpaper designs. Take a look with us, we’d love to know what you think of it.


A fantastical jungle scene which includes a monacle-wearing bush baby and a parrot with a crown! 

This is a maximum impact wallpaper, rich with colour and detail.


Big Cat spots highlighted with metallic silver, which catches the light beautifully. We love the easy-to-style simplicity of this wallpaper and think it would look fantastic on all four walls.

Shown here in Misty grey, it is also looks great in Navy and Pink and Cream and Gold.


Imagine waking up here…. What a beautiful wall!

This delightful design combines the traditional features of a trailing floral wallpaper with a more contemporary use of deep colour and mixed scale design.

Our wallpaper book club verdict is that this is particularly suited to a feature wall, look how it frames the bed in such an inviting way.


Another up-to-the-minute take on a traditional design. This time a smart update to a damask which takes exoticism as its inspiration. 

What you can’t see on this flat shot is the subtle gold metallic highlights on the foliage, which really bring this wallpaper to life. Have a look at the film clip as the pages on this paper are turned. Four colourways available.


Taking inspiration from the enduring Jungle trend this wallpaper looks gorgeous in green. It is also available in a metallic silver and a dark Charcoal. 

This room is a reminder too that high impact wallpaper doesn’t need to be limited to a feature wall when it can be broken up horizontally with a plain section of wall behind the furniture.


Let your walls do the talking with this marble effect geometric wallpaper. The sharp edges are defined with strong linear metallic, shown here in rose gold ink. This is a great wallpaper to backdrop ultramodern spaces and is available in five different colourways.


Incase you needed any more reason to cover your space with this exquisite waterscape…  did you know that throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth? And that in Japan, the crane is one of the mystical or holy creatures and symbolizes good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years.

We would love to see this wallpaper in a bathroom – please send us a picture if you use it in yours!


As its name suggests, this youthful design is made up in a montage style with text and images inspired by travel. It reflects the trend for positive and motivational words and imagery. 

There are three colourways of this design and all are finished with glitter detailing to add to the happy vibe!


Wow! Look at this show-stopping mural wallcovering!  A stunning floral mural design with large scale flowers tumbling from the ceiling. 

Check out the gorgeous texture of the wallpaper ground on which this is digitally printed. It’s fibrous finish adds so much depth and texture, do you notice it in the wallpaper book flip-through as the pages are turned?



The other mural in the collection immerses you in a romantic jungle scene complete with oversized tropical blooms and slinking big cats. Supplied as five panels on a roll 50cm wide. 

We hope you enjoy discovering the Shangri-La wallpapers through our wallpaper book club. Be sure to explore more wallpaper books as we add them and let us know what you think of this one  – and what you’d like to see more of!

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