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Next up at wallpaperdirect Wallpaper Book Club we are delighted to share with you ‘Tropical ‘ by Albany, filled with playful wildlife, dramatic foliage and oozing with fabulous vibrant colour.

Let brightly coloured parrots, big cats, lush leaves and tropical flowers grace your walls bringing a carefree spirit to your home all year round. The jungle look is rich, exotic, fanciful and fun!

Above: Deep Jungle

Since the unveiling of the original Martinique Banana leaf wallpaper, created in the 1940’s by Don Loper exclusively for the Beverly Hills Hotel, the tropical leaf design has been growing in popularity for decades.  It has proven itself to be timeless, still influencing fashion and interior looks as it manages to look just as modern today as it did in 1942. This Deep Jungle wallpaper is reminiscent of all the glamour and exoticism of the original, but with a contemporary, escapist vibe.

Above: Gentle Leaves

Tropical walls are all the rage at the moment, particularly with Instagrammers who can take great photos of their homes which reflect who they are and their individuality. Adding the pop of colour creates a fun and exciting atmosphere. Having a feature wall in your kitchen is a great choice for showing off your design style, as it is the most visited room in the house!

Above: Leopard Print

Animal prints have a long association with fashion but have always had their place in interior design too, adding a sense of adventure, diversity and glamour to your interior in a way that few other looks do. If you’re drawn to a particular style of print, such as this leopard, try to introduce complementary character accessories, like giraffe and tiger which both share a similar palette. Larger scale prints will achieve a cohesive layered look.

Above:  Sumatra Palm Leaf

Not all tropical prints are maximalist. This layered palm leaf design has a peaceful tranquility, adding a layered look which optically increases the space. Including the patterns of the jungle in this way generates a positive and relaxing space, which feels fresh and relaxing.

Above: Pretty Polly

This wallpaper is a great example of what interior designer Sophie Robinson calls ‘Jungle Chintz’, which she says combines two favourite trends; our love of a jungle palm with the chintzy maximalism of a great big fat busy print! She is firmly championing the trend that sees chintz as the pattern of choice for the best-dressed homes. Her interiors love affair with all things in excess means it’s the natural progression to choose the most maximalist of all patterns. ‘I’m loving the brazen use of big bold chintzy florals on wallpaper – and yes all four walls people and maybe the ceiling too!’ 

Above:  Jungle Scene

For a more sophisticated take on the tropical trend it is important to bring balance to the room. Breaking up the design in this way adds interest with shots of colour and clear spaces. This is not the same as a feature wall, bur rather a way of using the architecture of the room to determine the patterned and plain sections. The combination of soft tropics and golden hues creates a chic interior.

Above:  Scales

It might not be for everyone, but snakeskin design has an enduring appeal in interior design. Associated with power and luxury this wallpaper will give a room an expensive, worldly look. It’s layered, horizontal-stripe regularity brings order to any design scheme. In a neutral room, the wallpaper offers lively texture and deep colour.

Above:  Lagoon

Fish are often used to convey calm and serenity and this wallpaper is perfect for an area of relaxation, where design style is still the most important factor. These golden fish interweaving with the lilies create a fluidity through the interior as it blends with the tones of the tropics. Remember that the way you design your interior can have a direct impact on your mood – this is all about the chill.

Above: Lush Garden

Create a relaxing space to feel immersed in nature. Wallpaper and wall murals with tropical motifs are a good way of relieving boredom and stimulating the imagination in children and young adults. This elegant yet casual combination of succulent green and pretty pink is bang on trend.

Above:  Wild Palms

Be bold, make a statement. Introducing a statement wall creates vibrancy instantly and for those who are fearless enough to immerse themselves in all things tropical, why not do it on a large scale? Keeping the colour palette neutral makes accessorizing easy and stops the room from feeling overwhelmed.


We hope you enjoy discovering Albany Tropical through our wallpaper book club. Be sure to explore more wallpaper books as we add them and let us know what you think of this one  – and what you’d like to see more of!

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