Wallpaper Book Club are delighted to share with you an exciting collection of inspiring, shimmering wallpaper designs.

Zahara is a stunning wallpaper collection, perfect for contemporary interiors, full of textural and shimmering patterns and subtle colour combinations. With designs including jungle print, animals texture, cloud effects and patterns inspired by the Orient and Morocco, these wallpapers bring a luxe look to the modern home. All the wallpapers are created using PVC-free eco-foam.

Above:  Atakora

Atakora wallpaper is inspired by fabric weave, giving it a textural finish. The mica highlights add a touch of luxe and make this a great wallpaper for using on all four walls, particularly in the areas that link spaces, such as hallways and landings.

Above:  Stratus

Named after cloud formation, Stratus is a subtle texture design featuring metallic clouds set on top of horizontal lines. The dreamy creation is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and spaces for relaxation. 

Above: Panthera

Animal prints are an enduring and universal interior trend and this sophisticated design, in a neutral colourway, makes the perfect backdrop for contemporary styling. Echo the light reflecting mica finish with some gold toned accessories or furniture legs and pop in one or two faux-suede cushions for a subtle reference to the animal skin theme.

Above: Teshio

Influenced by a lush Japanese landscape, Teshio features oriental scenes set within a scalloped pattern. The metallic and acrylic detail add sophistication and dimension to the design. We love this moody navy and gold colourway which creates atmosphere and looks great with low level lighting.

Above: Venn

This textured, minimal retro design features abstract shapes and is inspired by the mathematical Venn diagrams with their overlapping circles and other configurations. A great backdrop for modern vintage interiors with mid-century furniture pieces and art gallery inspired accessories.

Above:  Lulea

Lulea is a small hessian texture with subtle hints of metallic running throughout the design, using PVC-free eco-foam for a textural finish. Because we always want you to appreciate the textural quality and true colour of our wallpapers before you commit to purchase, we are happy to give you two samples completely free of charge, just select the sample option and add to your basket. 

Above: Susara

The Protea flower has become a favourite micro-trend in interior design and are featured in this eye-catching tropical design with a rattan textured pattern and set within large leaves. It is enriched with a series of luxurious colours and metallics. 

Being a non-woven wallpaper it has the added bonus of being easy to hang as you simply paste the wall, to learn more watch our tutorial here.

Above:  Zahara

Zahara is a beautifully understated animal print wallpaper. The zebra pattern adds a sense of glamorous adventure to your interior and this design is finished with a fabulous, fibrous mica background and metallic grit detail. This backdrop would be perfectly styled with one or two different animal print fabrics, but if you want to be super-chic then let the walls do the talking and accessorize with luxurious velvets in warm neutrals and chalky whites.

Above:  Calacatta Marble Bead

Inspired by the luxurious marble of the same name, Calacatta is a lavish marble-effect design with metallic highlights and sparkling glass beads. Create shimmering and opulent effects in whole rooms or on statement walls with this elegant wallpaper.


Above: Tipaza

Bring the warmth and exoticism of ancient ruins and Mediterranean coasts with this wanderlust-influenced design. Highlighted with metallic elements which glisten like the light of sun on water, this is a wallpaper choice to transport you to a holiday destination. Style with eclectic travel-inspired fabrics in complementary colours and bring in a few potted house-plants, which always elevate palm and tropical designs.

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