Wallpaper Book Club are delighted to share with you an exciting wallpaper and mural adventure with the Odyssey collection!

Retreat to an enchanting oasis with these contemporary botanical designs. Cascading florals, rich and lustrous foliage and exotic birds bring the beauty of the natural world to your walls. The Odyssey collection features impressive murals and vibrant wallpaper designs, ideal for creating an eye-catching, stylish space.

Above:  Sophora

Create a serene and dreamy look with this nature inspired, cascading mural design painted in vibrant teal hues and against a gradual ombre effect background. The weeping Sophora shrub, after which this mural is named, is a picturesque weeping tree with mesmerising drooping branches. The mural is supplied in 3 panels, each 70cm in width and 2.8 metres in height and matches continuously from edge to edge so that you can cover as much of the wall as you need.

Above:  Comoro

Named after the tropical Comoro Islands, an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Indian Ocean. The tropical window design will create a perfect feature wall, or could be used more dramatically on all four walls above half-panelling, perhaps painted in a dark, lush green. Comoro is an easy to hang, paste the wall product, non-woven and straight match.

Above: Yasuni

This beautiful print has an oriental flair – a bold botanical pattern with flamboyant style reminiscent of chinoiserie design. If you are unsure how to style a densely designed or colourful print go for more neutral furnishing which are drawn from the palest hues of the design. Here, the soft browns and peachy, pastel hues create perfect harmony with the wall behind.


Above: Cascading Garden

A rich, lustrous botanical design which has been inspired by the living wall trend. Create a natural and calming environment with this take on a living installation, which would be the perfect backdrop for shelves of lush, trailing houseplants. Hang this wallpaper wherever you want to create a calm, meditative ambience.

Above:  Petra

We love this wallpaper! It reminds us of a wonderful storybook where the jungle has taken over the abandoned ruins of an ancient temple and has become the home of the most majestic creatures of the forest. Woven between the columns, lemons and oranges grow. The linear design is delightfully appealing and this colourway shown here is on a shimmering gold ground. Please request a sample to appreciate the true texture and colour – remember the first two samples you order from wallpaperdirect are free!

Above:  Montana

This spectacular mural wall feels untamed, wild and natural. Depicting wide-open spaces, pine forests, and towering mountains it will give even the smallest space the illusion of greater height and depth. It is an easy backdrop for furniture placement as the eye is drawn upwards toward the rising sun and joyous flocks of birds, and the forest trees behind simply frame the furniture in front. Supplied in 3 panels, each 70cm in width and 2.8 metres in height, it can be joined in an endlessly repeating linear pattern to fill your required space.

Above:  Alata

This wallpaper delivers a strong architectural core with its intricately detailed leaf design and bright botanical flowers delicately intertwined around a metal gate, which shimmers with gold. The richness of the design delivers a feeling of grandeur and makes it a great choice for a feature wall in any room. We think it would look fantastic accessorised with a very large mirror and contemporary wall lighting! Being a non-woven wallpaper it has the added bonus of being easy to hang as you simply paste the wall, to learn more watch our tutorial here.

Above: Thalia

There is a rustic and old-world vibe to this scene, set against a distressed concrete texture and with somewhat muted details. The gorgeous, hidden peacock and tropical flowers soften the industrial look and make this an easy-to-use-anywhere choice. We love the ochre painted skirting in this image and always encourage the question of whether woodwork should be automatically painted white (it shouldn’t!).

Above: Masoala

Transport yourself to a jungle paradise with this statement design, named after the spectacular rainforest covered peninsula on Madagascar’s northeast coast. The tropical palm trees and elegant cranes are linked with pretty garlands and its handprinted effect feels like stepping right into an enchanting oil painting. Not sure whether to hang any artwork on this wall?  you can always pair densely patterned designs with chic black and white photography, this is the place for your fabulous travel snaps, enlarged and in monochrome.

Above: Elba

This geometric pattern brings a contemporary twist to the wood panelling trend. Wood grain details and clever shading gives this faux effect a realistic 3D look. A great design to link the spaces between the tropical wallpapers for a cohesive, smart finish.
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