Wallpaperdirect proudly presents this exclusive edit of new and uplifting colourways in collaboration with the Harlequin design studio. Designed and printed in the UK, this range is bursting with lively colour and inspirational patterns. Featuring 13 much loved designs from the Harlequin archive, these wallpapers offer something for every home – from bold and adventurous to soft and delicate.

Above:  Silhouette 

We knew from the get-go that we had to include ‘Silhouette’ in our re-imagined collection. We adore this design, which is both simple and supremely sophisticated in its interpretation of stylised trees. The etched appearance is highlighted by the use of a new sparkling texture technique with raised silver metallic ink.

Above:  Bavero

We love this most on-trend green hue which works so well with the over-sized foliage trail silhouette in a pearlescent finish. This statement wallpaper has a subtle lustre effect to bounce light around the room. We advise styling with complementary colour pops – pinks and oranges will look fantastic.

Above: Koi

We love the completely enveloping vibe to this room, where wallpaper has been used on every available wall and into the ceiling. There are several key elements here which make it work so well: the space is angular and interesting, it is small and lends itself to becoming a ‘wow’ space (bathrooms are often a great choice for this reason) and, probably most importantly, the wallpaper choice is perfect with its multi-directional and immersive design. 

Above: Foxley

This beautiful design is derived from an original art deco wallpaper and is surface printed for a hand finished look. The softly coloured pinecones have metallic highlights and stylised leaves and we have updated the look with a dramatically dark ground. Natural textures are the perfect styling accompaniment for this wallpaper and we love the window combination of blinds and semi-sheer curtains. Doubling up in this way will always make the window more luxurious.

Above: Mimi

Blossom flowers are such a symbol of newness and joy and we adore this elegant, cascading, floral pattern. Coloured in powder pink it creates a calm sanctuary, perfect for bedrooms or spaces of relaxation. Accessorising with paler shades of pink and champagne emphasise the femininity of the design. 

Above:  Tembok

This life-affirming design has been surface printed for a unique hand-crafted look in the most vibrant combination of blues and oranges. Bold statement wallpapers elevate the space as a confident style assertion (particluarly when used on all four walls) and always look great with luxe textiles such as velvets and embroideries

Above: Kienze

A pattern developed from the study of pressed flowers, this delicately detailed wallpaper has beautiful translucent petals presented in a strikingly grand-scale, with a light-reflecting lustre effect. With its dynamic scale and cool colourways, this wallpaper is ideal for a breezy new refresh and looks particularly great in this contemporary bathroom.

Above:  Florence

Damask wallpaper has always been the embodiment of elegance; timeless and tasteful, it is an iconic design element. That’s why we included Florence in our edit, we have always loved damask and the classical charm it brings. Florence is for those of you who like the combination of tradition, but with modern flair. 

Above:  Komovi

Isn’t this wallpaper divine? It has delicacy with subtle colour with a lustrous metallic ground and pops of blue and silvery grey. If you are looking for a floral design that brings a delicate pop of colour, you’ve found it! Keeping the same colour palette running in a room filled with mixed patterns really pulls it together and creates unity.

Above: Lamina

A beautiful representation of layered and overlapping butterfly wings create this unique and elegant wallpaper. Metallic grit gives a raised textured effect to highlight the design’s delicate detail. Shown here with a dramatic black ground and contemporary flourishes of pink and teal. We are inspired by the creative use of this wallpaper behind the kitchen shelving and how it has upgraded this previusly bland and empty space.

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