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At the wallpaperdirect Wallpaper Book Club we are excited to show you our LLB Signature Wallpaper collection.

We take a page by page look through LLB Signature wallpaper collection. Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen is one of the world’s most recognised Home Designers and has a portfolio of fine art spanning over 35 years; we are delighted that this has resulted in a wallpaper collection of intense creativity and phenomenal originality.

Above: Craney Day

Spending so much time in Asia has given LLB an opportunity to study and absorb into his work the particular characteristics of elegance, balance and harmony that make Oriental art and design so enticing. This gorgeous design proves his mastery of this fabulously decorous and sophisticated design idiom to which he’s added his own Art Nouveau inspired flair.

Looking down on a flock of cranes as they fly over a simplistically stylised ocean composed of deco fan geometrics and Hokusai-like swirls. Shown here as soft bronze birds against a warm grey and pinky-red abstract sea.

Above: Club Tropicana

Lush, louche and luscious, tropical foliage has become something of a design obsession for LLB. During an extended filming block in Singapore he gorged on the voluptuous shapes of the exotic trees that surrounded him perfectly capturing their swaying sexy energy for Club Tropicana.

Tall, twisting towers of palm fronds and tropical leaves. Rendered here as a tarnished bronze against a wonderful deep mediterranean teal.

Above: Pretty Boys

The LLB pattern archive boasts an infinity of motifs in an abundance of differing design idioms that express LLB’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of style. This design traces its genesis back to the emphatically drawn lines of the hand-carved block printed patterns that so inspired LLB’s design hero William Morris.

Fruit-bearing vines twist along trailing branches in full leaf, this is where the wood pigeons and other domestic birds rest. This scene is created using an earthy palette of brassica greens and dusky purples all set against a rich mustard yellow.

Above: Latin Quarter

At the height of the Rat Pack era Downtown Miami boasted some of the most voluptuous nightclubs in the international jet set little black book. The Latin Quarter fused Tropical Elegance, Dramatic Neoclassicism and some seriously sophisticated Sin to become the Glitterati’s favourite Gin Sling drop-in.

Ornate metalwork scrolls adorned with palm fronds and tropical leaves, shown here as green leaves on matt brass against a light cream background.

Above: Damask Dangereuse

This pattern is not for the faint-hearted… deliberately so! This wallpaper offers the courageous, glamour-seeking decorator a fabulously dense wallcovering with all the intricate sophistication of one of Scherezada’s tales from Arabian Nights. It’s scale and voluptuous power make it one of the most iconic patterns in the LLB Archive. Handle with care….

A bold riot of blue pattern layers tempered by deep rose pinks and curried spice yellows to create an intricate statement design.

Above: Pleasure Island

Taking Inspiration from the witty sun-sodden incarnation of Art Deco to be so rewardingly enjoyed in Miami or Havana This wallpaper is every bit as glamorous, sophisticated and cheeky as a Carmen Miranda cocktail revue. Featuring the Tropics’ most erotic fruit, the Coco de Mer, this design shows LLB style at its wry best.

Parrots flutter about the ripe fruits hanging from palm leaves stylised to form a Deco interlocking ‘arch’ pattern. Rendered here in a warm palette of cocoa browns and soft pinks with wisps of airbrushed green.

Above: Tropicalia

When Art Deco was at its height, Tropical Motifs became the height of fashion for the well travelled glitterati who flew the world looking for glamour and excitement. Tropicalia is LLB’s Homage to this gilded, decadent Age and a celebration of the Elegant Scarlet-lipped Sirens who so exquisitely ornamented it’s Cocktail bars.

An all over formal pattern of horizontal zigzag lines broken with diamond framed motifs of palm trees, birds and tiger. Shown here in the silver and platinum metallic on a rich black background. 

Above: Fantoosh 

Created by LLB specifically for the Great Room of his Cotswold Manor House this wallpaper is an energetically stylish re-vivification of 18th Century bird and bough patterns. Given a gently 1970s inspired remix Fantoosh is a deliberately nostalgic evocation of the Colourful Elegance LLB remembers from the exotic and International decorating of the Concorde Era.

A highly stylised scene of birds nestling in trailing branches, decorated with fine feathers and heraldic insignia. Rendered here in a simple but elegant palette of blues and greens.

Above: Topical Tropical

There is nothing more evocative of tropical elegance than the curvaceous silhouette of a swaying palm tree. For Topical Tropical, LLB has truly indulged his passion for the undulating, voluptuous lines of exotic flora.

A collection of playful tropical motifs; roaming lions and resting cheetahs; various incarnations of palms, all rendered in metallics of silver or platinum and set against a soft grey background.

Above: The Boys are back in Town 

The haughty, majestic Cock Peacock has fascinated architects, artists and designers since pre-history. And LLB is no exception. The sinuous S-curves of The Boys are back inTown convey all the swaggering beauty of the King of the Birds whilst also inspiring sophisticated parallels with the glittering exoticism of oriental pattern making.

A playful motif of two peacocks drawn in intricate feathery detail – shown here in metallic blue with a matt dark blue background.

We hope you enjoy discovering the LLB Signature Wallpaper collection through our wallpaper book club. Be sure to explore more wallpaper books as we add them and let us know what you think of this one  – and what you’d like to see more of!

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