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Wallpaperdirect wallpaper book club is delighted to bring you Morris & Co’s Melsetter wallpaper collection.

William Morris’s daughter May was an incredibly talented and influential embroiderer. Melsetter ingeniously re-imagines her work in print, treating us to lovely modern touches with tiny beads and metallic shimmers.


A design (by William Morris) that was found papering the walls at May Morris’s Hammersmith home.

To bring it up to date Apple has been redrawn and block printed in five colourways. The wallpaper book club says this is a paper that will be suitable to use on all four walls without crowding you in.

Brophy Trellis

This is another much bolder modern reinterpretation. A new design that mixes an original Arts & Crafts ceiling paper design by Andrew Brophy with May Morris’s flowers.

There are four colourways of Brophy Trellis.

Double Bough

We loved this painterly pattern from the Morris archives. Available in five colourways with subtly shimmering details picked out in tiny beads to glint and gleam on your walls.

The wallpaper book club verdict is that this is particularly suited to a feature wall.

Lemon Tree

This on is inspired by perennial William Morris favourite ‘Fruit’. Lemon Tree’s chalky new print will put a fresh zest on your walls. Delicate blossoms with sharply detailed lemons which weave across trailing branches in three colourways.


You can come into a Brewers store and see this in the Melsetter book, or see it on the wall at Standen House. Details in the link below.

Small mallow (hibiscus) flowers that repeat subtly across all five colourways make a design you can happily hang all around the room.


Melsetter is a huge fresco-style mural in a hand painted design. It has been based on bed hangings designed by May Morris for her father’s bed in the early 1890’s.

Available in two colourways as a 3m panel, or as a 4m panel on special order.


This subtle design was inspired by a May Morris bedspread from around 1889 featuring finely drawn animals. The gold version is printed on a lustrous metallic ground.

Six colourways for this one. Book club say “use it anywhere”.


Inspired by a 1905 bedcover evoking a country walk with scrolling leaves and cheerful looking birds.

Three colourways.

Seasons by May

May Morris’s embroidered panels to show the seasons inspired this design with parakeets, roses and tulips. 

In three colourways, with the Saffron on a metallic ground.


A large tile design combines elements from two septa William Morris embroideries from around 1880.

Just the one Indigo colourway for Wilhelmina wraps up the wallpaperdirect wallpaper book club’s look at the Melsetter book. Be sure to explore more books as we add them.

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