When it comes to interior design, florals are one of the things that will never go out of style. Timelessly versatile and with something to suit any home, this wallpaper collection has us all inspired. We love how these wallpapers, from traditional trailing designs to contemporary tropical themes, will add character like nothing else to a room. 

Above:  Lunaria Silhouette

White and gold is a luxury combination which is perfect for creating a sophisticated ambience. Finding the balance when gold is a key interior feature is crucial. Where it is used on the walls we recommend finding a few gold accessories, lighting fixtures are a great solution, but keep the overall use of metallics subdued. 

Above: Rainforest

A tropical cacophony of rainforest creatures hidden amongst jungle plants and flowers. This vibrant design brings a warm vacation vibe all year round. As with all the designs, this is available in a selection of colourways. We love the contrast colour-pop of yellows against this teal and emerald wallpaper.

Above:  Moon Flower

Moonflower is one of the most romantic plants you can grow, with large, trumpet-shaped flowers which unfurl in the evening and stay open until the sun rises. This tranquil bathroom looks so pretty with the moonflower design gently twisting toward the ceiling. Wallpaper is fine to use in well-ventilated bathrooms above sufficient tiling to prevent splashes. For extra protection, we would also recommend sealing the wallpaper with Polyvine Dead Flat acrylic Decorators varnish.

Above: Butterfly House

What a pretty little alcove! 

Wallpapering small areas such as this can make big impact, whilst also being a budget-friendly choice, especially when coupled with panelling. Unless the background hue of the wallpaper print is truly white, avoid choosing white paint for the woodwork, instead paint your favourite colour from the wallpaper design, it will look so much more designer.

Above: Brushstroke Floral

Whilst floral wallpaper ideas might bring to mind feminine charm or country cottage decorating, this monochrome take on the floral theme is strikingly bold and perfect for contemporary styling. 

Above:  Blossom Branches

This fresh floral looks gorgeous in a light-filled stairway. Naturally calming, blue hues add a serenity to the space and a pretty welcome to visiting guests.

Above: Protea

The majestic flowerheads of the King Protea plant have been faithfully interpreted to create this stunning statement wallpaper. Elegant and bold, this wallpaper works beautifully in bedrooms, adding a sense of luxury, especially when used on all four walls.

Above:  Teahouse Floral

What is more classic than blue and white Chinoiserie? A fusion of Eastern and Western design, Chinoiserie has been bringing exoticism and luxury to interiors for centuries and this Teahouse Floral is the perfect way to channel the style in your home.

Above:  Rachel Rose Mural

Entryway ideas can easily be forgotten when it comes to decorating, however, as the first space guests will see when they enter your home, they’re a great place to make a statement – and what better statement is this spectacular mural? Oversized blooms placed on a dark to light ombré background, it draws your eye upwards and creates an illusion of space.

Above: Forest Floor

Reminiscent of the stylised flora and leaf designs of the Arts & Crafts movement, this Forest Floor design has a vintage feel which draws inspiration from the natural world.

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