We’re even more full of hot air than usual this week, with balloons on wallpaper…

We can’t let Maggie go…

She flies like a bird in the sky (ay, ay, ay) She flies like a bird and I wish that she was mine…


So (way back in the seventies) went the soundtrack to the Nimble TV advert, where a low flying hot air balloon plucked a svelte model from a field of buttercups munching on her delicious low calorie sandwich made from the world’s lightest, and probably most heavily processed bread.


Putting that seventies contradiction firmly to one side, wouldn’t it be lovely to take off into the clear, sunny March sky for a completely new view on the world? Hanging on the gentle breeze, allowing your imagination to float into new worlds ripe for discovery.

On that theme we’ve put together our own collection of lighter than air balloon designs to lift your walls into a new dimension, if not quite your whole house (like this “Up” inspired balloon courtesy of Design Taxi).


Happy landings! (or hallways, kids rooms, guest rooms, living rooms, dining rooms…)






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