We love emerald green!

Vibrant, opulent and regal, emerald is our new favourite hue in interiors. It elevates design and makes everything around it look better.

Picture credits clockwise from top left behance.net/ pinterest.com/ afroculture.net/ tumblr.com/ tumblr.com/ pinterest.com/ MariDfashion.com

Below: Take a look at this beautifully styled space, it is a masterclass in combining a very traditional wallpaper design (this one is taken from the Little Greene National Trust 2 collection, and is most likely of British Edwardian origin) with cool, contemporary styling. What makes it work so perfectly is the emerald green, refreshing the design for a completely new perspective.

Picture credit: Little Greene
Picture credit: Brand McKenzie

Above: We love this wallpapered panel behind the free-standing bath, it makes much more of a design statement than a more obvious feature wall would have. It draws attention to the placement of the bath in the room and makes the reflection in the full length mirror more alluring and less overwhelming.

Picture credit: Albany
Picture credit: Paloma Home
Picture credit: Mulberry Home

Above: Sometimes bold design can seem too problematic to incorporate into a space – our answer to this is to look for the ‘gaps’ in a room which will be perfectly filled with something show-stopping. Here the space between the windows provides just the opportunity for a hero wallpaper, with the smart but unassuming sofa perfectly placed to achieve the balance of the room. If you really love a design then find a space for it – you don’t have to think in terms of a whole room, or even a whole wall!

Picture credit: Galerie

Above: Layer up your greens with natural, textural materials and always, always house-plants! This wall would serve as an excellent backdrop for monochromatic prints and photographs in black frames to echo the black skirting.

Below: emerald goes with almost everything, but it works most exquisitely with dusky pink. We promise that you will never go wrong with this combination. 

We would love to see your emerald wallpaper interiors! Share your wallpaper makeover @wallpaperdirect on instagram and follow us to win one of our fab monthly giveaways.

Picture credit: Sanderson

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