A world of beautiful birds in decoration.

Winging it!

The cheeky, cheerful chirps of our beautiful feathered friends woke me this morning at a deliriously early 5:30 am, and I didn’t mind one bit. The sun was shining and the birdsong announced a happy day ahead.
Many frantic hours later I’ve snatched half an hour in the park, with the sparrows eyeing up my sandwich for stray crumbs. Birds are everywhere – flocking together through the worlds of fashion, interiors and design like never before.
The incredibly talented Thomas Poulsom has taken to making his own birds from Lego bricks
to keep him chipper all year round. His Gouldian Finch is gorgeous, and his parrot perfect.
My favourite is the Blue Jay, symbolising fearlessness, truthfulness …and being chatty! Lego loved Mr Poulsom’s birds so much you can now buy them as a set.
If Lego’s not your thing, don’t worry because wallpaperdirect is here to help, as always, bringing you the wonder of birds all year round with these lovely Harlequin Amazilia hummingbirds.
Try these resourceful nest builders in Prestigious Lotus Blossom.
Taste the sweet nectar with Cole & Son’s own hummingbirds
Early to bed for me tonight. Must make sure the cat’s had plenty to eat!

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