Decorating with the tudors

Wolf Hall

…and stairs? …and living room? Untitled-1_01.jpg I’m spending Wednesday evenings on the sofa with the BBC’s fantastic adaptation of Wolf Hall. Will Anne Boleyn manage to keep her head if she re-decorates Hampton Court? The precious light in those cold, candlelit rooms gives us vignettes of vibrant colour and opulent textures in the shadows – if you look really carefully! Untitled-1_05.jpg Avebury Manor – National Trust Whilst we might not have a Thomas Cromwell as the keeper of our Jewel House we do have our own Royal Collection (of wallpaper that is!) inspired by the Royal residences including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Untitled-1_07.jpg An Englishman (or woman)’s home is his (her) castle, after all! Untitled-1_09.jpg

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