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Adapting a space in our homes from where we can work remotely is something many of us have been figuring out over the past months. Whether you have an entire room or a tiny corner, we've got wallpaper inspiration for defining a dedicated space where you can work efficiently and be creative.

Soften the look of a functional home office by making the furniture part of the scheme. A lick of paint to complement the room decor, a cupboard to store the tech and pretty filing boxes mean that when work is done this space is still an inviting corner of the room.

Picture credit: Boråstapeter

No space for a desk? A wide shelf in an alcove can make a useful workspace. Paint it to match the skirting and it sits smartly in the room.

Picture credit: 1838 Wallcoverings

If your best study or work option is a tight corner, use the opportunity to define your style. Just as you might decorate a small bathroom with a slightly wilder or more expensive wallpaper, do the same with your corner office!

Picture credit: Coordonné

Dining spaces adapt perfectly to work spaces. Invest in a sturdy box to transfer your day job out of the way when it’s time to relax and eat.

Picture credit: 1838 Wallcoverings

This dedicated work space is completely functional but beautifully informal. The oversized lamp and cosy blanket keep the practical area feeling homely.

Picture credit: Galerie

Is it even a work space?! Minimalism is perfect for multifunctional living where every piece (and the place in which it sits) is well considered. 

Picture credit: Engblad & Co.

When the bedroom or guest room is the place you are least likely to be interrupted, a dressing table can double as a desk. Sit as close to the window as you can and make sure you have good window dressings to keep out the chill when the sun goes down.

Picture credit: Nina Campbell

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