It started with Black Friday and Blue Monday. Here’s our colours for every day of the week…

Your week in colour

If Black Friday is an elbows-out scrap for online bargains, and Blue Monday is the year’s most miserable day, what about the rest of the week? We’ve put our heads together to introduce a more inspiring palette to slot into the calendar…

Yellow Tuesday

After the shock of a return to work on what is undoubtedly Blue Monday, we think Yellow Tuesday should be the day when when we all feel a bit better about the week. Smile at somebody you don’t know and spread a little sunshine!

Red Wednesday

By Wednesday you’re on a roll, ready for anything with fire in your belly and passion in your approach. Red Wednesday is a day to dare – try something you’ve never tried before! blog_03.jpg

Duck Egg Thursday

You might be forgiven for waking up on Thursday and momentarily thinking ‘hooray it’s Friday’… before you come back down to earth and realise you’ve still got Thursday to go. Not quite mid week, not quite the end of the week, Duck Egg Thursday is not quite green, not quite blue, it’s something in-between. What better day to make your mind up about something, then change it completely. blog_05.jpg

Purple Saturday

Purple Saturday is indulgence day. Want that extra hour in bed? It’s yours. Don’t get dressed until lunchtime? Fine. So whatever you do on Purple Saturday make sure you treat yourself (or treat somebody else if you’re inclined). blog_07.jpg

Green Sunday

Go Green Sunday. Find a park, get out in the garden, escape the indoors, eschew the air-conditioned shops and congested streets and get back in touch with nature with a little grass under your feet. blog_09.jpg So what do you think, time to work a bit more colour into the calendar? Let’s hear your suggestions!

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