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– our top 5 tips for choosing the perfect wallpaper design

As my friends and family will tell you I love the theatre! So when I saw the new Cole and Sons Whimsical Collection, selecting wallpaper for my next room transformation was easy. Cabaret was my design of choice so on Sunday afternoon I donned my decorating clothes, gathered my tools and got to work. I had completely transformed my study in just over an hour and what a difference it makes!

IMG_1502.png My selection was an easy decision for me but with so many decor styles and designs to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming. “So just how do you find the perfect wallpaper for you?” We have got together and come up with our top 5 tips for finding that look you will love! Tip 1: What do you love doing? Your hobbies can be a great place to start. Do you love the theatre like I do? Or are you a bookworm? Who would prefer to curl up with a good book? 087604full.jpg Tip 2: Holidays. Holidays are a treasure trove of inspiration. Have you just come back from a vacation and been wowed by the colours of say the pastel coloured painted houses of San Francisco? Or are the towering buildings of New York or London more your thing? Why not check out our selection of vacation inspired wallpapers here. 081391orig.jpg Tip 3: Look to your wardrobe. This is a great interior design tip as you will automatically be comfortable with the colours and patterns you love to wear. Tip 4: Be inspired by nature. Mother Nature is probably the best design expert of them all. Why not go for a walk and be inspired by the colours and textures of the great outdoors? 105128full.jpg Tip 5: Mad for the movies? Then your favourite flick may just hold the key for example if you loved the Great Gatsby then an art deco design may be just for you! If you are more of a TV fan then stay tuned for a future soap special blog post. blog-2.png Found our tips helpful or have a great tip of your own? Please leave a comment we would love to hear from you!

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