Bizarre & Lucrative Renovation Finds infographic

Bizarre & Lucrative Renovation Finds

Renovation is the process of creating something new out of something old. It’s a task that many Britons face in such a historic country with an aging stock of homes. Although renovating an old house can be as dull as watching paint dry (which is why we always recommend wallpaper instead), occasionally the process of stripping back an interior can uncover fascinating clues about previous occupants.

Take for example the mystery of a house in Queensland, which was hiding a bottle of perfume and a photo of a young couple inside a wall cavity. Clearly, an intentional time capsule left behind for others to find.

Other finds have less fortunate stories, forgotten and abandoned to the winds of time. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson’s chemistry lab, uncovered during a renovation of the University of Virginia’s Rotunda, had been left bricked off from the rest of the building and abandoned. It’s eerily preserved as an untouched example of Nineteenth Century science in action.

While scouring the internet, we’ve uncovered some of the most incredible finds during renovations, to paint you a picture of what could potentially be hiding in your home! Check out our latest graphic below:

12 Bizarre & Lucrative Renovation Finds

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