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Bizarre & Lucrative Renovation Finds

Bizarre & Lucrative Renovation Finds infographic Bizarre & Lucrative Renovation Finds Renovation is the process of creating something new out of something old. It’s a task that many Britons face in such a historic country with an aging stock of homes. Although renovating an old

Iconic walls visualised

The biggest walls you’ll never wallpaper! Iconic Walls Visualised Walls are hardly the most exciting discussion point (unless of course they are draped in gorgeous wallpaper), despite serving such an important role. They have marked borders, defended countries and supported the world’s most impressive architectural

Swear Wars

In Star Wars the characters swear different! Our infographic looks at many of the creative phrases that helped keep the series under that magic 12A rating. Swear Wars: Curse Like A Bounty Hunter With the Wallpaperdirect team eagerly awaiting the new Star Wars movie we

Dr Who villains through time

Graphic showing Dr Who villains through time Dr. Who Villains through Time Dr. Who has graced our screens for over 50 years. The iconic British science-fiction programme has built up a tremendous cult following, completely shifting the direction of British television and heavily influencing broadcast

Beginner’s guide to wallpapering

Wallpapering for beginners. A how-to guide. Beginner’s guide to wallpapering A beginners guide to take the worry out of hanging wallpaper. Click the graphic for a bigger version. More like this…

Cinema’s biggest movie sets

An infographic about cinema’s biggest movie sets Cinema’s biggest movie sets We do like a good movie and we love a lush film set. The bigger they are the more we like them. So we’ve put together this suitably massive infographic that tells you exactly

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