Coastal living

You don’t need to have a beach front home to enjoy the calming qualities of coastal interiors. The colours of open skies, the ocean and sandy beaches are all inspiration for this most relaxing decorating style.

Picture credit: Barneby Gates

Above: Starfish by Barneby Gates

Let’s set sail for a sunny, shoreside escape!

Find inspiration from the memories of breezy coastal walks, for a relaxed maritime look. Keep decor light, bright and fun with a seaside-print wallpaper in a classic nautical hue.  Furnish with pre-loved and distressed style furniture and top with inviting cushions and comforting throws in a mix of stripes, pattern and plains. Complete the room with a display of weathered, sun-bleached accessories and play around with new holiday finds; this is an evolving look.

Picture credit: wallpaperdirect

Above: Jellyfish by Kerry Caffyn

This magical bloom of Jellyfish depicts an intriguing and mystical underwater world. The luminescent glow of the jellyfish look radiant against the shadowy background, allowing you to see into the darkest depths of the ocean. Fun, quirky and colourful, this design features beautifully drawn jelly fish that swim up the wallpaper displaying elaborate tentacles and soft, umbrella-shaped bells. The friendly jellyfish make for a fun and novel designer wallpaper – satisfying the longing for the return of the warmth of summer!

Picture credit: Engblad & Co.

Above: Waterfront by Engblad & Co.

This waterfront scheme is a fine example of how a grown-up take on the look helps to keep it elegant. Here, the room is all about the view and the minimal presence of coastal is what makes it work. An injection of nautical stripes alongside furniture and collected pieces in natural textures is just enough of a nod to maritime style. Cleverly wallpapering the space between the large glazed wall and ceiling brings homeliness to what could otherwise feel like a cavernous space.

Picture credit: Farrow & Ball

Above: Five Over Stripe by Farrow & Ball

The natural elements of chalky cliffs and shingle beaches provide inspiration for a softer take on coastal styling. The look is less ‘themed’, and (like all the best beaches) a little more off the beaten track. The feel is ultra- relaxed and styled with soft linen upholstery and bleached wood tones, and the not-so-perfect finishes are the unsung heroes: the discoveries of drift wood and pretty little seashells . 

Picture credit: Boråstapeter

Above: Hamnskar Stripe by Boråstapeter

Nothing says coastal quite like blue and white stripes and white-washed clapboard. This classic combination is the most enduring of decorating styles and will suit all rooms and ages, from nursery rooms through to bathrooms, kitchens and, as shown here, the most dreamy bedrooms. It is almost always best done as an all four walls wallpaper scheme, with a wide range of blues and a repetition of stripes picked up in accessories or on one or two pieces of upholstery.

Picture credit: Etten

Above: Athena Palm by Etten

Beat dull-weather days with tropical ocean colours for a living space that oozes modern elegance. Perfect for the city and town houses, this super-sleek mix of lagoon blues, geo patterns and chic shapes has a sophisticated, upscale finish. The oatmeal-coloured blinds and carefully placed starfish ornament soften the fresh look of white woodwork.

Picture credit: Mulberry Home

Above: Naval Ensigns by Mulberry Home

This look showcases smart, American-style nautical chic giving the room a simple, effortless elegance. Here, where loose covers would look too casual, the fitted upholstery with smart piping in navy and white is the smart choice. White furniture gives the scheme definition and a traditional look and is finished perfectly with the statement, oversized lamp.

Below: Farrah by Scott Living for A Street Prints

Be inspired by holiday cottages and days at the beach to create a fresh and relaxed look in a family living space. Whilst billowing white curtains and bleached loose covers are the perfect beach house choice, plain white walls can look quite stark. Choosing a barely-there shade of misty grey and introducing this oversized, leaping pattern creates a friendly and snug vibe.

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