Interior inspiration: creating a sense of calm

Whether you are spending most of your time at home or look forward to a sanctuary to come back to, everyone needs a calm space to recharge.

Picture credit: Sandberg

Above: Cohesive colour

Creating a sense of calm isn’t the same as playing it safe with your design choices. It’s about creating a cohesive scheme without any jarring elements. Here the use of one colour for both cabinetry and and walls creates harmony from an exuberant design.

Featured wallpaper: Ava by Sandberg / For similar paint try Amsterdam Green by Sanderson

Below: Quiet corners

Create little corners of calm wherever you can. Clear the surface of clutter and arrange a vignette of a few of your favourite things. This picture below shows the perfect triangular arrangement of three primary objects arranged in a triangle of height: lamp, picture and vase of flowers. The three vases form their own smaller triangle. 

Featured wallpaper: Witney by Sanderson

Picture credit: Sanderson
Picture credit: 1838 Wallcoverings

Above: Rooms that flow

One simple way to create a cohesive feel is to use a consistent colour on the walls of connecting spaces. Choose a favourite hue that will carry through the home. It can appear in the form of wallpaper, paint, fabric or curtains. A clever (and economic) trick is to frame leftover wallpaper from other rooms.

Featured wallpaper: Rattan by 1838 Wallcoverings / For similar paint try Dock Blue by Little Greene 

Below: Make a mood-board 

If you feel overwhelmed by choice then try planning your scheme by collecting together samples of fabric and wallpaper and sample pots of paint, together with anything you have collected for inspiration. The process of putting everything together forces you to slow down and focus on the elements which make you happiest.

Featured wallpaper collections: Morris & Co. Melsetter wallpapers / Albany Shangri-La

Picture credit: Morris & Co.
Picture credit: Albany
Picture credit: Sandberg

Above: Let the light in

Make the most of any natural light in your room, it is a design element like no other – and it’s completely free! Natural light creates the kind of ambience you just can’t replicate with artificial lighting and has been linked to improvements in our wellbeing and mood.

Featured wallpaper: Karolina by Sandberg / For similar paint try Snowshill White by Albany

Below: Comfort is key

We all need a space dedicated to comfort, our place to unwind. This is the place for warm tones, layers of texture in the form of cushions and throws and furniture you’re allowed to put your feet up on. Wallpaper on all four walls is beautifully cocooning, making hard corners disappear and exuding an air of luxury.

Featured wallpaper: Ingrid Marie by Boråstapeter

Picture credit: Boråstapeter

Below:  Soothing symmetry

Symmetrical interiors are often viewed as more restful and peaceful, this is because the balance is easy for our brains to process. Placing large furniture in the centre of the wall and positioning similar lamps either side is the simplest way to achieve this look. We instantly feel more relaxed just looking at this room.

Featured wallpaper: Cabarita Flock by A Street Prints

Picture credit: A Street Prints

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