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Blue is a spectacular colour with unmistakable calming effects. Beautiful no matter how pale or dark, it is also one of nature's favorite shades, seen perfectly played out in the vastness of the skies and across ocean waters. When it comes to decorating your home, there is an ideal shade of blue for every mood and style. So whether your thing is nautical, floral or modern, take inspiration from these gorgeous blue wallpapers in your new favourite hue.

Above: Latin Quarter by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

At the height of the Rat Pack era Downtown Miami boasted some of the most voluptuous nightclubs in the international jet set little black book. The Latin Quarter fused Tropical Elegance, Dramatic Neoclassicism and some seriously sophisticated Sin to become the Glitterati’s favourite Gin Sling drop-in. This wallpaper conjures all of the glamour of that time. If you weren’t sure you wanted to anchor your space around blue before, you probably do now! The contrast between majestic grandeur and contemporary symmetry is the perfect blend of quirk and tradition.


Picture credit: dirtysouthernvintage.com/ Albany wallpapers

Above: San Remo Texture by Albany

This contemporary, textured Italian vinyl wallpaper is designed with a fabric effect texture and is finished with glitter detail making it a perfect background solution in any room. Accesorise with plenty of natural textures and play with pops of colour – orange, red, bright pink or yellow would all work well.

Picture credit: Graham & Brown

Above: Secret Mountain by Sacha Walkhoff x Graham & Brown

We love this paper-cut inspired wallpaper by Sacha Walckhoff, a designer famed for his long association with fashion icon Christian Lacroix. Used here with the perfectly on-trend combination of faux panelling and bold woodwork painting. Using wallpaper at this height is not only is it a good idea to keep it clean, but it can also cut your costs as you only buy enough for top part of the room. 

Door paint: Mykonos Harbour by Graham & Brown

Picture credit: Boråstapeter

Above: Temple Tree by Boråstapeter

When blue is mixed liberally with grey tones it becomes a contemporary neutral. This Japanese inspired design is particularly soothing and perfect for this dining space where the wall interacts with the light beautifully, casting an ethereal glow into the room. 

Picture credit: Barneby Gates

Above: Maharani Block Print by Willow Crossley x Barneby Gates

The creative collaboration from these two British designers has produced an impressive collection including this traditional floral motif within a classic decorative panel effect, inspired by the block printing traditions of India. This deep Jaipur blue has a tasteful nod to maritime adventure.

Picture credit: Arthouse

Above: Liquid Marble by Arthouse

This kitchen is absolutely hypnotizing thanks to the blue liquid marble statement wall. Rich in both color and pattern, it reminds us of an inviting pool of water.

Blue is the perfect colour for fearless designs, it is such an accessible colour, rooted in traditional interior decorating; bold enough to feel like you’re taking serious risks, but ultimately still classic.

Similar cupboard paint: Albany Cambourne acrylic eggshell

Picture credit: wallpaperdirect

Above: Swallows by Sanderson

This gorgeous French Blue wallpaper is so perfect in a glamorous bathroom. The soaring swallows are detailed with an iridescent gold finish which reflects beautifully in the changing light. What a joyous place to start and end the day!

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