Don’t be afraid of the dark…..

Don't be afraid of dark interior design, which equals dramatic results. A quick scroll through instagram right now will show the most gloriously darkened, atmospheric spaces, providing a great backdrop for art and furniture and creating rooms that are atmospheric, intriguing and full of personality.

Picture credit: wallpaperdirect

Above: Flight of Monarchs by Isabelle Boxall

If you’re a fan of the colour pop then dark walls are your friend, they accentuate colour making them far more vibrant than a pale background. Splashes of bold, bright colour make a strong statement, which is why very dark grey tones are such a great backdrop to your favourite hue.

Picture credit: Harlequin/ wallpaperdirect

Above: Silhouette by Harlequin

Outlines of stylised trees stretch tall against a navy blue ground in this contemporary design with an etched appearance, highlighted by the use of striking colour combinations and sparkling texture technique. Accent metallics look incredible against a dark background and the reflective surfaces will shimmer beautifully in changing light.

Minimalist composition of living room with brown mock up picture frame, plant, retro armchair, dried tropical leaf, decoration and elegant personal accessories in stylish home decor. Template.

Above: Medina by Albany

Dark interiors aren’t all about a spectrum of greys – add warmth and colour with deep, earthy tones. The rusty oranges and immersive teal colouring perfectly complement this ancient Morrocan city design which  looks great with dark wood, mid-century furniture.

Picture credit: Clarke & Clarke/ wallpaperdirect

Above: Tropicale by Clarke & Clarke

Get a style hit with dark jungle palms. At wallpaperdirect, we love the sensational Clarke & Clarke Exotica fabric so much that we commissioned our very own collection of wallpapers to be created in the same designs! Check out the whole collection here.

Picture credit: Mini Moderns/ wallpaperdirect

Above:  Atelier by Mini Moderns

Make a dark scheme the backdrop to a gallery wall or collection of art objects. This wallpaper takes inspiration from Parisian galleries and markets; showcasing hand drawn shapes and vintage accessories featured in European art. 

Picture credit: Sanderson/ wallpaperdirect

Above: Woodland Ferns by Sanderson

Another wallpaper coloured exclusively for wallpaperdirect, our team were wowed by the impressive scale of the delicate botanical drawings on this beautiful Sanderson design. Pairing the dark walls with light coloured paintwork and furnishings creates a surprisingly feminine and sophisticated space.


Picture credit: Morris & Co./ wallpaperdirect

Morris & Co./

Above: Brer Rabbit by Morris & Co.

The wallpaperdirect team have worked with Morris and given this classic wallpaper a dramatic contemporary update; we revisited the original bird and rabbit symmetrical design and reworked this two-colour pattern using special printing techniques, to create a light mica texture overall finish. Showcased here in the stunning silver on ink blue-black, a colourway exclusive to wallpaperdirect and created on a non-woven paper, making it so much easier to hang. Watch our how-to hang wallpaper video here.

Below: Foxley by Harlequin

This beautiful design is derived from an original art deco wallpaper and is surface printed for a hand finished look. The pendulous pinecones and fan-like leaves have light reflecting metallic highlights, which combined with the dark background, give a luxe finish. Opting for equally rich, complementary shades in the accessories balances the space and injects inviting warmth.

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Damask Dangereuse by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen

This pattern is not for the faint-hearted… deliberately so. It offers the courageous glamour-seeking decorator a fabulously dense wallcovering with all the intricate sophistication of one of Scherezada’s tales from Arabian Nights. It’s scale and voluptuous power make it one of the most iconic patterns in the LLB archive. Handle with care!

Orchid Jungle by Isabelle Boxall

Dark wallpapers are ideally suited to dining areas as they create atmsophere and sophistication and look gorgeous in evening candle and lamplight. Beautifully paired with velvet and gold dining chairs this becomes an enticing space. 


Honeycomb Bee by Albany

A number of enduring design trends combine with this wallpaper: iconic bees and geometric hexagons are depicted in metallic gold against a deep charcoal ground. This is a statement wallpaper which will elevate everything else in the room.

Pimpernel by Morris & Co.

Curling stems circling wind-swept flowerheads create a symmetrical design originally created by Morris for wallpaper in 1876. Typical of Morris’s greatest designs, and hung in his own dining room at Kelmscott House, this glorious wallpaper is particularly beguiling in the charcoal and silver metallic finish.

Starfish by Kerry Caffyn

There is something dream-like about these magical stars of the ocean, making this design a captivating choice for bedrooms. The deep, inky blue encourages an ambience of relaxation and calm. White woodwork and accessories combine elegantly with this colourway.