Summer gives way to autumn with leafy walls and windows

Fade to gold

Fast forward to Autumn… and nature’s weaving its colour magic through our parks and gardens. The sun waves goodbye through the trees, and golden leaves glow in a defiantly colourful shower of decay. autumn_05.jpg Leaves will be raked into golden garden piles where hedgehogs will nestle down into the promise of a cosy winter sanctuary (look out for hidden Mrs Tiggywinkles before you light a bonfire), and while I wistfully take the rake to my own modest yard I’ll be planning my own winter refuge inspired by the season’s natural palette of rusts, ochres, and golden limes. autumn_01.jpg autumn_03.jpg autumn_07.jpg Capture these fleeting moments with a feature wall of gorgeous wallpaper, or frame a window in autumnal colour. It’ll be gone before you know it… autumn_09.jpgautumn_10.jpg autumn_11.jpgautumn_12.jpg

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