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Cosy Interiors: let’s stay inside

Winter can seem never-ending, the season dampened by drizzly weather, cold temperatures and dark nights. But this is the perfect time to create a cosy home that can be your sanctuary while the winter rages on outside. The act of taking pleasure and contentment from a cosy environment is known in Danish culture as ‘hygge’. In the quest for creating a more hygge home, why not start with your walls? So here’s our advice: hunker down with a hot cup of cocoa and read on for our tips on how to create a cosy home this winter.

Fade to gold

Summer gives way to autumn with leafy walls and windows Fade to gold Fast forward to Autumn… and nature’s weaving its colour magic through our parks and gardens. The sun waves goodbye through the trees, and golden leaves glow in a defiantly colourful shower of

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