Let your living room see the light

A lively, lovely living room for a modern, lively lifestyle

Life is, we’re sure you’ll agree, for living. And what better way to do that to the full than to take the day off and spend it relaxing in a bright and lovely light-filled living room?

Our selection of living room design gems show how white backdrops come vividly to life with splashes of daring, unexpected colour.

From darkness into light

White paint transforms ornate wood panelling into subtle, textural framing for the furniture.

The painting pops out from the wall. The rug ties in with the lamp base. The terra cotta pots, the frame of the mirror and the parquet floor add a little warmth.

A real living room

Huge windows aren’t a luxury we can all enjoy in our living rooms. The lucky few can hang sheer curtains to provide a white textured backdrop to give depth to the scene. You can do whatever you want to in front.

Picking out colours from a statement piece (in this case the painting) for the furniture ties the whole design together beautifully.

Living room in a Parisien-looking apartment mixing bold figurative and abstract designs
Image: Vogueworld

Designer wonder

And this wonderful Parisian apartment pulls off a miraculous transformation that turns an elaborate eighteenth century space into one of the most remarkably modern living rooms you could imagine. 

By painting the flat inner fields of the white panelled walls black, the plaster reliefs hung on them seem to float in mid air.

Extravagant colour and figurative pattern with huge motifs (the sofas and the curtains) make a spectacular contrast with the abstract rug. 

A huge mirror behind the sofa expands the space giving everything more room to express itself. What should theoretically be crowded and cluttered becomes a living room where the furniture itself is high art bathed in light.

Wallpaper – a modern living room on a roll

Of course, eighteenth century panelling isn’t what you’ll normally find in the modern living room. But wallpaperdirect of course can come to the rescue with panelling on a roll courtesy of Lincrusta. 

Art masterpieces aren’t exactly ten a penny either. But our selection from Borastapeter, Matthew Williamson, Scion and Barneby Gates should help you get your collection off to a sophisticated start.

Lincrusta Nouveau Dado – perfect for a living room
Lincrusta's Art Nouveau dado
Scandinavian Designers abstract wallpaper for a funky living room
Scandinavian Designers by Borastapeter
Barneby Gates Horse Trellis – figurative style for the living room
Horse Trellis by Barneby Gates
Lincrusta elisabeth wallpaper for a living room ceiling
Elizabeth by Lincrusta
Matthew Williamson modern floral – figurative art for your living room
Talavera by Matthew Williamson
Beton wallpaper for the more abstract living room
Beton by Scion

…and by the way a bright backdrop doesn’t have to mean white. This gorgeous wallpaper can bring a blue sky indoors on the dullest of days.

Add colourful cushions, a comfy couch and a few plants and that lively lovely living room’s ready for you to kick off your shoes…

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