In Star Wars the characters swear different! Our infographic looks at many of the creative phrases that helped keep the series under that magic 12A rating.

Swear Wars:

Curse Like A Bounty Hunter

With the Wallpaperdirect team eagerly awaiting the new Star Wars movie we thought we’d have some fun with an infographic, so here it is…and if you love the films you will love our Star Wars wallpaper… Galactic war and peace are no laughing matter. Throughout the Clone Wars and the Rebellion against the Empire, many died fighting for their values and their side of the force; so we can excuse the characters in the sprawling space story, if occasionally they feel the need to let off some steam with a profanity. The galaxy far far away is different from our own though. While we have cows, banthas provide their milk (and it’s blue). London traffic jams clog the streets, but Coruscant’s congestion floats idly by above the clouds. In Star Wars, Jedi can move large objects with their minds, and yet Earth teenagers can hardly force themselves out of bed in the mornings. In Star Wars they also swear differently, which is not only a chance for an interesting glance into the Star Wars universe, but also very convenient when it comes to keeping the films under a 12A rating. Here at Wallpaper Direct, we pride ourselves on providing a curse free experience when it comes to decorating your home, but here are some family friendly alternatives if you ever stub your toe on a Ewock, or a Gungan pinches your lunch. If you weren’t already aware, we also stock fantastic Star Wars Wallpaper. StarWarsSlang630.jpg

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