Wallpaper book club – Albany Industrial Textures

Master a faux effect on your walls with this dynamic collection of Industrial Textures. The look is modern and urban, without frills and embellishments. Despite its raw, pared-back nature, this purist style has a relaxed feel which can be combined with many other styles to create something excitingly different and unconventional. 

Shape up with Geometric wallpapers

Geometric patterns in interior design are absolutely key. Used in the right places they are a short cut to creating a room that meets good interior design’s basic requirements of pattern, scale and timeless style.

Cosmopolitan living: Interiors inspired by the city

Falling in love with a city can happen on far flung holidays, romantic city breaks or right on home ground, channeling inspiration which allows us to dream of interiors with a touch of boldness – and to explore new directions and perspectives.

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