Master a faux effect on your walls with this dynamic collection of Industrial Textures. The look is modern and urban, without frills and embellishments. Despite its raw, pared-back nature, this purist style has a relaxed feel which can be combined with many other styles to create something excitingly different and unconventional. 

Above:  Granite Wall efffect

This granite wall effect wallpaper offers a traditional rustic appeal. With many faux effect wallpapers, it’s the small details that truly bring the wallpaper to life and the photorealistic nature of the pattern is thanks to details such as the uneven stacking of the rough stone and the true to life colouring which create a three-dimensional look.

Above:  Wood Slat effect

The Wood Slat design offers a smart take on the trend, falling somewhere between a faux effect and a more traditional wallpaper design with its very evenly-spaced stripe effect. Ideal for a comtemporary setting and the perfect backdrop for displaying artwork, this would work stylishly on all four walls.

Above: Wooden Wall

The wooden plank design is a great style tool for zoning an area of the room. This small office space has been given personality and purpose with the very classic take on wood pattern and we love the smart pairing with dark painted woodwork trims and flooring.

Style note: This has been hung vertically (as it comes off the roll) but there is an opportunity with this design to hang it horizontally too, although we recommend this is best achieved where your floors and ceilings are not visibly sloped.

Above: Battersea Brick

If you’re looking to make your space edgy, a bit industrial and totally chic, then exposed brick walls are your dream find behind the plaster. For those of us who don’t have the real thing (or don’t want to put up with the dust and mess!), this realistic brick-effect wallpaper design will achieve the same pared-back industrial look, whilst being comparatively inexpensive, robust and a simple-to-use solution.

Above: Typography

Wallpaper that depicts rusty and tarnished metals has its very own charm. We love the calming, vintage appeal of this Typography wallpaper, which draws influence from old printing press blocks. The varied font styles, appearance, and structure of the blocks create an almost three-dimensional finish, emphasised by the old-brass metallic highlights.

Above:  Old Town

Industrial interior design style is influenced by the ambience of old factory buildings, characterised by minimalist architecture and with surfaces that are usually worn, rough and dull due to heavy use, age and weathering. The imperfect, unfinished look has become a big trend since its origin in the 1960’s when apartments in the inner cities of London and New York became unaffordable and young people started moving into abandoned factory buildings in outlying districts, which could be rented for very little money.

Above:  Wooden Planks

There is something very cosy about wooden cladding. The knots, flaws and warm natural colouring determine the ambience which creates a more relaxed and open mood, perfect for dining spaces. Often used in cafés and bars to combine the feel-good factor with cool design, this wallpaper will replicate the vibe in your own gathering space.

Above: Concrete Brick

For a more contemporary take on the brick wallpaper design, Concrete Brick is an interesting take on the popular faux pattern. It’s ‘concrete’ surface is flatter in appearance, giving it a more monochromatic look. The smoothness of the finish is in stark contract with the typically rough, weathered look of traditional brick. A perfect fit for kitchens, this charcoal grey colour gives it a stylish touch that will complement sleek kitchen units.

Above:  Metallic Effect

Don’t be put off the Industrial look with concerns that it may appear cool and raw, because  sometimes, with a splash of warm colour, it quickly becomes a very homely affair. This welcoming hallway is drenched in a copper coloured, distressed design with a metallic patina, resulting in a fabulously cocooning effect. Welcome home!


Above:  Concrete Texture

We love the concrete floor and industrial style cabinet in this entryway, both perfectly complementing the Concrete Texture wallpaper. It exudes a purist elegance whilst adding the warmth of soft texture and a faded, blurred colour structure. The look is clean and simple.

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