Next up at Wallpaper Book Club we are delighted to share with you our exciting, exclusive collaboration with Morris & Co., our Morris Wallpaper Edit

Being able to bring our fresh perspective on iconic Morris design was a thrilling experience. Re-colouring our favourite archive documents and bringing new printing techniques and finishes to the work has enabled us to bring our own wallpaperdirect aesthetic to this work. And, of course, we have ensured that it is all on paste the wall paper because we want it to be as simple as possible for you to hang!

Above:  Pimpernel

Designed in 1876, the swirling rhythms and complex structure of this design made it the choice for Morris himself when decorating his dining room at Kelmscott House. Our newly coloured reinterpretation is perfect for Modern Country styling with its beautifully surface printed finished and elegantly detailed old-silver highlights. 

Above:  Strawberry Thief

Originally a fabric design c1883, this enduring classic with its symmetry and intricate detail of both strawberries and thrushes, is Morris & Co iconic design at its best. Coloured here with soft chalky shades of cream, green and pink on a shimmering gold background with fresh red strawberries, it is beautifully contemporary with a warm hint of nostalgia.

Above:  Willow Bough

This wonderful interpretation of the classic Willow Bough wallpaper from 1887 characterises Morris’s pre-eminent flair for design and composition, with its soothing, curved willow branches. Coloured using a fresh palette, we’ve freshened the green and added a second shade and lightened the background to make it truly a contemporary classic. This really is a go-anywhere wallpaper and we particularly love it when its used on all four walls.

Above:  Thistle

A bold print by John Henry Dearle who joined Morris & Co in 1878, later becoming its chief designer. Neo-Gothic in influence with large-scale symmetrical flower heads framed by gently scrolling acanthus leaves. Shown here in our gorgeous, exclusive colourway: metallic gold on a dramatic claret red, it will create dramatic, intimate and inviting spaces and is set off perfectly with black painted woodwork. We would love to be invited to dinner in this room!

Above:  Fruit

An abundance of ripened pomegranates hang from the branches of an overflowing tree amongst flora and fauna, printed over fine branches to give the design greater depth. One of the earliest Morris wallpaper designs first produced in 1864, we have updated the design with mist soft shades of grey and baby blues, perfect for a feminine, romantic bedroom. Accessorise with mixed textiles including linen, silk and velvet.

Above:  Brer Rabbit

This charming wallpaper from 1882 has been reproduced to allow the application of special printing techniques, including grit and mica, giving relief and texture to this two-colour wallpaper design. Our stunning silver on ink blue black coulourway is styled here with mid-century furniture and with a masculine leaning, showing the versatility of this iconic design.

Above:  Golden Lily

Designed by J.H. Dearles in 1899, this enduring wallpaper is one of the greatest legacies of Morris & Co. The design places entwined lily stems and tendrils and is arranged along a strong diagonal. We love this wallpaper in the dining area where it creates a warm and conversational ambience styled with well made, repurposed furniture and simple but artisanal pottery pieces.

Above:  Seaweed

A free-flowing wallpaper pattern, capturing the underwater movement of plants and inspired by the sinuous curves of Art Nouveau. Our reinterpreted reproduction from a document from the Morris & Co. archive, designed by J. H. Dearle in 1901, is printed in soft, feminine hues and modernised with a glimmering mica finish.

Above: Fruit

This is such a blissful corner for a morning coffee or afternoon catch up with family – a sunny spot immersed in nature. If you aren’t going to wallpaper all four walls, then consider doing two adjacent, or opposite, to make a confident design statement.  

Above:  Strawberry Thief

It was such a privilege for us to work with Morris & Co for this exclusive Wallpaper Edit , we were able to try out new colours and finishes which we know will appeal to a whole new generation of Morris fans, whilst remaining faithful to the original Arts and Crafts ideal which aimed to improve the quality of design and make it available to the widest possible audience. 
We always love to see how you use wallpaperdirect wallpapers in your homes – please share with us @wallpaperdirect on instagram and follow us for more wallpaper inspiration!

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