Hanging paste the wall wallpaper

Paste the wall wallpapers – often known as non-woven wallpapers – have a different structure to conventional wallpapers. They do not expand when wet and so don’t need to be left to soak before hanging. Adhesive is applied directly to the wall and the paper hung immediately, making it a clean and easy process.

How do you hang paste the wall wallpaper?

The walls should be prepared the same way as for a standard wallpaper. Measure your drop (From the top of the wall where the paper will start down to the skirting, or wherever the papering will end), adding a little extra for trimming.

Using the above measurement, cut a few lengths of wallpaper from your roll.

Mark a plumb line for your first cut length at the width of the ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper.

Now follow these steps: 

Apply adhesive to the wall, ensuring an even coverage from top to bottom, and across to just beyond your plumbed line (just over the width of your roll of wallpaper). 

Hang the first cut length against the plumbed line and brush out from the centre, working down. 

When the paper is smoothly brushed down, run the outer edge of your scissors along the ceiling angle. Now peel away the paper and cut off the excess along the crease. Then brush back onto the wall. Alternatively you can use a sharp blade and straight edge; ensure your blade is changed regularly to avoid snagging. 

At the skirting, tap your brush gently into the top edge and peel away the paper. Cut along the folded line with scissors or blade as before, then brush back. 

Using a sponge with clean water, make sure you remove all the paste from the surface of the paper, skirting and ceiling if necessary.  

Apply another generous width of adhesive to the wall. Hang the second cut length, butting up to the first. Take care to match the pattern. Do not overlap. 

Repeat these steps to the next corner of the room.

Top Tip: Don’t apply adhesive more than 2 widths of your wallpaper across the wall – otherwise it may dry out before you get to hang your subsequent lengths! 

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