Wallpaper trends that will be big in 2023

At wallpaperdirect we get to see emerging wallpaper trends as they develop. Let us give you a glimpse at what lies ahead in the wallpaper design world for 2023!

Picture credit: wallpaperdirect

Above: Rose & Peony by Sanderson

Trend #1  Sustainable wallpaper brands

Wallpaperdirect recognises its responsibility to the environment, on both a local and global level, and is focused on reducing its impact on both. We’re making efforts to increase our range of companies with sustainable solutions. We work with many suppliers with excellent green credentials.  Little Greene, who among other initiatives plant four trees for every tree used in the production of their wallpaper. Surface Print, who manufacture 1838 Wallcoverings, Graham & Brown, Mini Moderns and many more of our brands are a 0% to landfill manufacturer.  Any waste created during production is sent away and recycled to make energy.

Picture credit: Albany

Above: Palm Trees by Albany

Trend #2  The background wall:  Scenic Landscapes

One of the biggest stories in wallpaper trends for 2023 are scenic landscape murals.  Always captivating, a dramatic wall mural will transform a room and capture the imagination. Panoramic murals transport us to another place, especially when the design is inspired by nature or travel and will add an extraordinary dimension even in small spaces. 

Scenic murals have been used in homes since the 18th century, when travelling painters would voyage around the world and pick up jobs, often painting panoramas of local life to the homes of the town’s residents. This artistry is just as welcome in 2023, thanks to fresh colourways, modern printing methods and easy, paste the wall application that make hanging them in your home a breeze.

Above: Bloom by Wear the Walls

Trend #3   Candy Brights

Gorgeous candy brights are a synonymous with optimism and joy, and in uncertain times we often want to surround ourselves with colours to create our ‘happy place’. We are seeing a lot of Barbie pink on the Socials, but the combination of other candy brights add a more sophisticated dimension. To keep the look from being overwhelming, team with crisp white woodwork and neutral furnishings, and select just one of the bright colours for your accessories. Happy decorating!

Picture credit: Boråstapeter

Above: Floral Charm by Boråstapeter

Trend #4   Muted Maximalism

Are you someone who finds maximalism a little too much and minimalism a little too sparse? Well, Muted Maximalism is probably the trend for you!  These days, maximalism is taking a more considered approach, and whilst retaining the joy of mixing materials, scale and pattern, there is a return to creating a more cohesive and calming space by combining elements of both in a room. This creates a sense of balance and ‘quiet’, whilst keeping things visually generous and interesting.

Picture credit: Mind the Gap

Above: Koralion by Mind the Gap

Trend #5  Wavy Stripes

A fresh antidote to the straight line, we see curvaceous stripes emerging in fashionable homes everywhere. The undulating wave design has a decorative flourish which makes a space less formal and more playful, and nods to the massive interiors trend for bobbin furniture and scalloped edging. Rooms feel more comfortable with soft, curved lines, making this the ideal design choice for areas of relaxation.

Picture credit: Cole & Son

Above: Ardmore Border by Cole & Son

Trend#6  New ways with wallpaper borders

Placed with imagination and design flair, a wallpaper border will transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary and we are thrilled to see wallpaper borders making a dramatic comeback with interior designers finding new ways to make impact with surprisingly little effort.  Use a border to tie together two different wallpapers in the same room, to frame doorways and windows, trim around a headboard or to add extra dimension by breaking up a repeated pattern, as shown above. Or, if you’re looking to dip your toe into the wallpaper world, paired with a painted wall they’re simply a wonderful way to add a decorative note to a room without going the whole hog.

Picture credit: wallpaperdirect

Above: Craney Day by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Trend #7   Sunset Hues

Reminiscent of Southwestern landscapes, Sunset hues describe an orange-meets-pink colour that acts as a near-neutral when applied to walls. The trendy spin on terra-cotta couples well with bright blue, its opposite on the colour wheel. “Cobalt has vibrancy that makes this classic pairing feel modern” says Better Homes & Gardens style director Jessica Thomas.

Below: Tutti Fruity by Albany

Trend #8  Kids’ rooms:  Bugs and Butterflies

Create a little critter playroom inspired by the idea of being very small! Kid’s spaces inspired by the natural world are increasingly popular for their gender-neutral design scope and for bringing life and colour to the walls. Sparking imagination and curiosity, the Big Bug theme is sure to grow way beyond 2023.

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