Wallpapering round switches and sockets

Most walls in any house have light switches and sockets, doors and windows; all obstacles that have to be decorated around. We show you how to make light work of these tricky bits.

How do you wallpaper round switches and sockets and windows?

To wallpaper round switches and sockets first turn the power off at the mains.

Rectangular switches and sockets:

Hang the wallpaper loose and feel through the paper to find and lightly mark with a fingernail the edges of the socket beneath.

From the centre of the marked-out socket, cut diagonally to just beyond each corner.

Fold the resulting triangles back and trim to about 10mm (2/5”) from the wall.

Undo the screws of the socket to loosen the faceplate and tuck the flaps behind.

Tighten the screws again to put the faceplate back.

Round Fittings:

With Mains switched off, hang the wallpaper loose and feel through the paper to find and lightly mark with a fingernail the edges of the socket beneath.

From the centre of the marked circle make a number of cuts to about 10mm (2/5”) from the marked edge.

Fold the triangles back. Trim. Loosen the screws and tuck in behind, as before.

Papering into a corner:

Measure from the last strip of hung paper and add 20mm (4/5”)

Mark the measurement on your corner strip and cut the paper in two vertically.

Paste the first strip down, into the corner, then line up the second half so it will overlap the first by roughly 10mm (2/5”)

Ensure the new edge of the paper is truly vertical using a plumb-bob or a spirit level.

wallpapering around tricky bits, windows, switches and sockets

Papering round a door (or window frame):

Hang the paper loose in front and cut diagonally from the waste-edge into the corner of the woodwork.

Using a paperhanger’s brush, smooth the paper in tight to the frame. Remove the excess using either good scissors or a sharp knife.


Heat from a radiator can make wallpaper peel away from the wall if you only tuck it part of the way down. So, always take off radiators and paper all the way down to the skirting/floor.

Top Tip: Remove the radiator brackets and put matchsticks in the screw holes. Poke the matchsticks though the wallpaper as you hang it. Replace the brackets using the matchsticks to locate the screw holes. Put back the radiator, but turned off, so the paper can dry naturally.

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