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Wallpaper is one of the most impactful ingredients in home decoration; whatever your interior style there’s a design, colour and pattern to suit. Whilst the walls of a room are the usual place for wallpaper, there are numerous other ways to introduce a favourite design into your scheme, and it’s not always in the most obvious way!

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Above: Koi by Harlequin

We love the completely enveloping vibe to this room, where wallpaper has been used on every available wall and into the ceiling. There are several key elements here which make it work so well: the space is angular and interesting, it is small and lends itself to becoming a ‘wow’ space (bathrooms are often a great choice for this reason), the wallpaper choice is perfect with its multi-directional and immersive design. 

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Above: Birds of Paradise by Isabelle Boxall

Wallpaper inside panels has become a massive trend because it is the ideal solution for introducing a smaller amount of wallpaper in a gorgeously impactful way. Our eyes are drawn to anything framed as we see it as art, and this is a particularly great solution if you’ve fallen in love with a wallpaper which would blow the budget if applied to the whole wall. Our top tip is to ensure that the wallpaper lines up correctly for continuity of pattern, as shown perfectly in the room above.

Picture credit: Ohpopsi

Above: When I Grow Up wallpaper collection by Ohpopsi

Using wallpaper is the simplest way to zone a room, creating dedicated spaces for study, hobbies or working from home. Choosing two complementary wallpapers from the same collection is a fail-safe option to ensure a cohesive look, ideally with one wallpaper having a more dominant design or richer colour. 

Picture credit: Colefax & Fowler

Above: Bowood by Colefax & Fowler

A classic decorating style in country cottages, wallpapering the inside of door panels immediately elevates the space. It works wonderfully on interior doors and built in cupboards and normally takes nothing more than an end of roll and a few spare hours. For the smartest finish, colour match the paintwork and make sure the pattern aligns correctly.

Image credit: Farrow & Ball

Above:  Brocade by Farrow & Ball 

Disguise unattractive built-in cupboards, rather than replacing them. Here, the almost seamless continuation of wallpaper across the furniture makes it disappear. To ensure durability we recommend a matt finish decorator’s varnish (such as polyvine) to protect the wallpaper. 

The all-over styling is further enhanced by taking the wallpaper over the picture rail and up to the ceiling.

Picture credits: rawpixel-id-296690/ Wallpaperdirect

Above: Caverley by Sanderson

Some wallpapers really are works of art and framing a large piece like this is a great way to use up left-over wallpaper.  Try framing an alternative colourway of the the wallpaper on the wall and hang the picture to seamlessly pattern match. 

Shown here is one of the  exclusive colourways from our collaboration with Sanderson.


Picture credit: Magnolia Network

Above: Filippa by Galerie

Known by stylists as the ‘fifth wall’, the ceiling is an often-overlooked surface for decoration. Use a bold ceiling to contrast neutral walls, or mix and match a patterned ceiling with colourful walls.

Below: Strawberry Thief by Morris & Co.

Treat yourself to a beautifully decorated dressing space, whether it is the inside of a walk-in closet, or a zoned corner of the bedroom. As with your clothes, pick something which will cheer you up and reflect your style and personality.

We love seeing your wallpaper makeovers. Share with us (and perhaps our 100k plus followers!) on instagram @wallpaperdirect 

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