Why sunshine yellow is hot right now….

We have noticed our customers embracing stronger shades of colour when decorating their homes and yellow is an emerging hero. Associated with energy, optimism and cheerfulness it is no wonder that we are seeing more and more people championing this sunshine hue.

Picture credit: Coordonné

Above: Maa by Coordonné

Yellow is a standout colour trend for 2022, bringing a fresh, energetic and revitalising impact to our homes. Maa by Coordonné has a geometric design with a fresh and organic style. Drawing inspiration from the extraordinary nomadic life of the Maasai tribe, this triangular pattern features earthy yellow tones and would provide a great backdrop for a minimalist or pared back space. Team with natural textures and feel the warmth of a balmy African afternoon.

Picture credit: Morris & Co.

Above: Marigold by Ben Pentreath x Morris & Co.

It was a happy day when renowned architectural interior designer Ben Pentreath and Morris & Co decided to collaborate on a new interpretation of timeless Morris designs. Ben says ‘I find it extraordinary that Morris & Co. patterns, developed in the mid to late 19th century, are still as fresh and relevant 150 years later as they were then.’ We are head over heels in love with this yellow Marigold wallpaper, it is the perfect four-walls, go-anywhere, cheer-you-up solution for any room!

Picture credits: tinyrehab.com/ Mini Moderns

Above: Breeze by mini moderns

mini moderns have a thing about mid-century architecture, and their obsession has been greatly indulged on visits to places like Silverlake and Key West. A detail that American buildings of the fifties and sixties employ to great effect is the decorative concrete block – and this humble construction material is the source of inspiration for this design. Inspired by sun screens in Asia, their decorative open structure filters out harsh sunlight whilst allowing the breeze to circulate. Printed on a luxurious mica base, these geometric beauties are tessellated at full scale, giving this wallpaper a stunning trompe-l’oeil effect. 

Picture credit: Joules

Above: Country Critters Ticking by Little Joules

What could be easier than decorating with these fine sunny stripes? Instantly cheerful and just so much more stylish than a painted wall, but equally unobtrusive.

Evoking happiness and a sense of positivity, yellow is ideal for nurseries where it adds fresh vibes and an uplifting mood. Accessorise with natural wood and crisp white finishes.

Picture credit: Harlequin

Above:  Marie by Harlequin x Diane Hill

Feminine and floaty, Diane Hill’s love for botanical painting shines through in this soft, gentle design. Juicy pears and trailing vines, accented with delicate blossoms recreate a very English early-summertime feel. 

A natural, golden yellow is a shade that creates rich and enveloping rooms and this wallpaper is ideal for dining spaces with its reference to sweet fruit and lazy afternoons.

Above: Little Flower by Layla Faye

Nothing says summer like a meadow of daisies and this sunshine colour, joyous print will brighten even the dullest of days. We would decorate with this wallpaper wherever we needed a cheery pop of colour; it would be fab in a young person’s bedroom to get them leaping out of bed in the morning or in a kitchen to enjoy with the first coffee of the day. This is one of those times we are going to say you should go ahead and paint all the woodwork and the ceilings white, as it will make the fresh lemon yellow really sing!


Picture credit: Solrosor by Boråstapeter

Above: Solrosor by Boråstapeter

Nothing says summer like towering sunflowers and this wallpaper is a year-round reflection of that heady enthusiasm for sunnier days. With a crisp white background and playful floral pattern in brilliant yellow, orange, green and blue tones, Solrosor wallpaper, with a soft textile surface, cannot help but bring a bright and positive vibe to its surrounding space. Featuring a gouache hand painted pattern of striking sunflowers with their luscious leaves, it fills the space with warmth and joy.

Below: Fable by Graham & Brown

The world’s best interior designers love using shades of yellow and this statement decoration, shown below, is made only more brilliant by its bold use of colour. Layering different tones of the same colour works by building on the chosen colour story. As shown here, picking out a mid-tone from the wallpaper design to paint the woodwork is a confident and reliably stylish choice. To brighten up, match the lightest tone and to create sophisticated atmosphere, pick the darkest.

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