Fantastic patchwork colours in photos of a flight over the Dutch tulip fields

Colour fields

This week we’re waxing lyrical over Tulips from Amsterdam (or nearby anyway) and we’re sharing this fantastic album on Flickr by Normann Szkpop showing unbelievable photographs of tulip fields from the air. tulips_01.jpg Each tulip colour is planted in its own block. The bigger the block, the more popular the colour in the shops. From high above the colours weave together into an enormous tapestry of colour. tulips_03.jpg A little lower down you can see the flowers standing up from the ground looking like chenille or some kind of fantastic multicolour flock wallpaper. tulips_07.jpg A bit higher and the rows turn into taut woollen threads ready to be woven into an enormous multicolour rug. tulips_05.jpg Higher still and it’s like a giant’s child opened a packet of plastiscene ready to model. tulips_09.jpg Coming back down we’re back to velvets and flocks again. tulips_11.jpg And we’re back down to earth with a bump. Think it’s time I treated myself to a bunch of flowers. How about you?

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