Hanging lining paper correctly

The key to perfect wallpapering is hanging your lining paper correctly first. Giving yourself a good surface to work on not only makes the job easier but the end result - of beautifully flat walls - more pleasing. Here's how...

How Do You Hang Lining Paper Correctly?

Lining paper provides the best surface for wallpaper to stick to. Medium grade (1200) is suitable for walls in a decent condition. Lining paper is low cost too and so an affordable way to get some hanging practice in before tackling your lovely wallpaper.

Prepare your surface, ideally a dry stripped wall. New plaster should be sized with watered-down paste and allowed to dry.

Measure the first wall width and cut an extra 10cms (4”)

Paste the lining paper from the middle out with the same adhesive you’ll use on your wallpaper, making sure you cover the edges.

concertina the pasted paper to make more manageable

Top Tip: Concertina fold the pasted lining paper back on itself so it’s easier to handle. The paper will expand as the paste soaks in, so wait about six minutes for it to finish before putting it up.

Hanging The Lining Paper

Starting in the top right hand corner hang the pasted paper horizontally around the room, unfolding a little at a time.

Brush out the paste to ensure the edges are well stuck down.

Leave a 1mm (1/25”) gap between the paper strips to avoid ridges forming.

Brush overlapping ends into the corner to mark where you’ll need to cut. Pull back the paper slightly, cut along the mark with scissors and brush back into place.

Let the lining paper dry for 24 hours and you’re ready to wallpaper.

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