Precious Metals

a quick look at a warm and shiny metallics Precious Metals After the inspiring haul of gold bronze and silver medals in Rio this Summer I’m ready to keep the warm glow going in my choice of Autumnal interiors. My favourite way to use metallics

Thoroughly modern metal

Metallic copper wallpaper means never having to say you’re out of fashion. Thoroughly modern metal In the seventies (so they tell me 🙂 no British holiday was complete without a visit to “Ye Olde Copper Kettle” for tea and buns between the showers. As old-fashioned

Loving the lustre

Loving the lustre! This lovely, lustrous copper bath takes pride of place in a local antique shop window, irresistibly pulling passers by to revel in its beauty and marvel at its warm, glowing, metallic wonder. With a price tag around £4,000 reflecting its uniqueness, the

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