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Light (&) relief

Exploring texture with Lincrusta Light (and) relief Just back from half-term holiday. Dragging the family through the blandness of baggage reclaim at Heathrow, I felt just a tad flat. My holiday reading, on the other hand, had transported me to more flamboyant decorative eras, exploring

Wolf Hall …and stairs? …and living room?

Decorating with the tudors Wolf Hall …and stairs? …and living room? I’m spending Wednesday evenings on the sofa with the BBC’s fantastic adaptation of Wolf Hall. Will Anne Boleyn manage to keep her head if she re-decorates Hampton Court? The precious light in those cold,

Everybody ready for Christmas?

Some last minute prep with Mel and Maisie Everybody ready for Christmas? This year, as ever, it’s a huge family Christmas at ours. Of course it’s not always easy entertaining in a veritable palace of decorating glamour, but after a couple of festive sherries I’ll

Christmas colour splash

Poinsettia display points to a perfect Christmas Poinsettias paint a perfect Christmas Leaden skies may loom over lovely Lewes, but the window of No. 1 Lewes (remarkable antiques shop and stylist’s wonderland) features a heavenly poinsettia display that’s the perfect antidote to Winter. The Santa’s

Warming up Winter gardens with Marston & Langinger

An interview with the master joiners and paint makers Winter gardens with Marston & Langinger This week the designerpaint team had a chat with MD Phil James about his company’s paints, and found out they know an awful lot about what goes under that lovely

Marrakech express

Yves Saint Laurent’s blue and yellow miracle garden Marrakech Express(ion) We’ve just enjoyed a whistlestop whirl around Marrakech. A tangle of Arabian, French and African culture, artisan craft and design that can’t fail to inspire and intrigue. After a couple of days alternately relaxing in

Halloween like you mean it!

Dastardly pumpkins from the incomparable Slindon Pumpkin Festival Halloween it like you mean it If our house is going to do Halloween… we’re going to do it properly. There will be no namby-pamby gap-toothed smiley pumpkin glowing benignly from our window sill. The Ad(d)ams Family

Fade to gold

Summer gives way to autumn with leafy walls and windows Fade to gold Fast forward to Autumn… and nature’s weaving its colour magic through our parks and gardens. The sun waves goodbye through the trees, and golden leaves glow in a defiantly colourful shower of

Chocolate, Caramel & Coffee

Colours to warm your cockles. Chocolate, Caramel & Coffee There’s a tiny chill in the morning air as the waning Summer sun sinks low onto Autumn’s hazy horizon. In the park the grass is set for just one or two more modest trims before the

Bilbao flower tower

Jeff Koon’s cat is a blooming riot of colour Bilbao flower tower The North coast of Spain (24 hours away on the ferry from Portsmouth – dolphins, swimming pool, posh cabins…) is a heady mix of wild shoreline and concealed sandy coves dotted with quirky

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