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Mini dramas

Mini Moderns launch Saturday Night and Sunday morning Mini dramas This week we were delighted to be invited to London’s Geffreye Museum to the launch of Mini Moderns‘ latest wallpaper collection, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. It’s ten years since Mini Moderns introduced their Playtime wallpaper

White out

Imagine there’s no clutter… Just pure white! White out Just imagine… There’s a new law that says everybody has to redecorate and re-furnish their home from top to bottom. Everything has to be thrown away, all the furniture you’ve collected over the years,  the boot

Papers for pater

Wallpapers hand picked for the man in your life for father’s day. Yes, really! Papers for paters Father’s Day approaches once again, and as is the custom at wallpaperdirect, we’re lining up a little spot of decorating for our more practically disposed boys. As we

Little Miss Sunshine

Polka dots, flowers and hearts. Unashamedly pink girl power. Little Miss Sunshine We’ve always encouraged our niece to grow up healthily pushing the boundaries of gender expectations. Lego has always been a hit, along with books on creepy crawlies and snakes. A fierce loyalty to

Iconic posters

You saw it here first. Iconic posters Here at Wallpaper Direct, we’re ever-so slightly passionate when it comes to dressing up the sides of rooms. While we’ve always got our third eye focused on what’s next in design, sometimes it’s worthwhile to look back at

Designs with a line

Dynamic linear patterns inspired by the RA’s wonder staircase Designs on a line Google “RA staircase” and you’re in for a treat, as this screen shot of the results page from Google images shows. It’s the Royal Academy’s staircase, transformed last year into a huge linear

Beyond the bluebells

A wallpaperdirect walk in the woods. Beyond the bluebells If you go down in the woods today… as the song goes, you could be in for a big surprise. The bluebell woods are carpeted in wild purply blue, and the paths are full of families

Walls of wellbeing

Decorating zen to energise, soothe and enrich. Ding! Walls of wellbeing Holistic hallways, blissful bedrooms, enriching kitchens… Take a deep breath, shake out the tension and tune in to your inner designer as we take you and your walls on a trip into the wonderful

Happy meals

A look at the endless invention of bento boxes Happy meals Lunch is never dull at wallpaperdirect Towers, and this week we’ve been particularly inspired by our Suzie’s scrumptious bento boxes. Ever the creative, Suzie puts a whole new spin on playing with her food,

Anaglypta modernista

Anaglypta has emerged from under the dado to spearhead a modern texture revolution. Anaglypta modernista Anaglypta, once a byword for austere Victoriana, may now be set to become the darling of decor modernistas. Look closely at the cover of May’s marvellous Elle Decoration featuring the #EDapartment (the

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