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Explore & discover

Explore & discover As you know by now, exploring different countries is something I really enjoy either when travelling on business or just for pleasure. I love immersing myself into local culture, finding those little markets and hidden bazaars. I’ve recently returned from Palma the capital of Mallorca and

Hello from China

I’ve just visited the exciting Home Furnishing Expo in Shenzhen Hello from China – nín hǎo  We’ve been off on our travels again this time to China to visit the Home Furnishing Expo in Shenzhen. We had a fascinating time meeting different suppliers from around the world

Norway, naturally…

A quick visit to Norway Norway, naturally… Relax, deep breaths, fresh air, stunning countryside, rain (and lots more rain). No matter – it’s holiday time. There’s lots to take in and enjoy – here’s a mini photo diary of a quick blogging trip to the land

Happy meals

A look at the endless invention of bento boxes Happy meals Lunch is never dull at wallpaperdirect Towers, and this week we’ve been particularly inspired by our Suzie’s scrumptious bento boxes. Ever the creative, Suzie puts a whole new spin on playing with her food,

All India Wallpaper

A taste of Indian design for your walls All India wallpaper Aunty Beeb has been keeping us glued to the telly, assaulting our senses with the mesmeric sights and sounds of incomparable India, sampling the rich texture of a billion lives in vivid colour and

Marrakech express

Yves Saint Laurent’s blue and yellow miracle garden Marrakech Express(ion) We’ve just enjoyed a whistlestop whirl around Marrakech. A tangle of Arabian, French and African culture, artisan craft and design that can’t fail to inspire and intrigue. After a couple of days alternately relaxing in

Decorating in the dark

Boutique hotels point the way to decorating in the dark. Decorating in the dark Why stay somewhere ordinary, when remarkable quirkiness you can talk about for years afterwards can be yours for those special nights on the town? Domestic decorators are rarely prepared to go

Bilbao flower tower

Jeff Koon’s cat is a blooming riot of colour Bilbao flower tower The North coast of Spain (24 hours away on the ferry from Portsmouth – dolphins, swimming pool, posh cabins…) is a heady mix of wild shoreline and concealed sandy coves dotted with quirky

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